Friday, 16 April 2021


An Abuja-based super beautiful big babe,
Oluchi, has warned those ladies that fight themselves over men to desist from the degrading act. She took to her Facebook page to give the warning.
She wrote, “Ladies, before you fight to keep a man, ask yourself if that man wants to be kept by you. Nothing pisses me of like seeing ladies fighting over a man. What a shame! The reverse should be the case. Let him fight to keep you and not the other way round. Instead of wasting your time fighting to keep him, why not get busy doing valuable things? Why not add value to your life? Stop chasing after men and start adding value to your life and they won't just fight but kill to keep you.
“If you think that beauty is all you need to keep a man, please accept my sympathy, my sisters. If you have you looks as your selling point, you will only get men attracted to you but you can't keep any of them because men no longer value ladies who are liabilities. Men are moved by what they see but don't make your beauty your selling point. Let it be an added advantage.
“Take care of your body but don't spend all your time in front the mirror, work hard, respect the man in your life. Men crave for respect and even the bible mandated women to be submissive to them. Respect your body as the temple of the Holy Spirit. Stop being class conscious, don't ever look down on anybody and love unconditionally expecting nothing in return. Be principled and you will become a trophy every man will fight to win.”

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