Sunday, 23 October 2016


Report reaching Tectono Business Review has it that UAC Foods Limited has invented a new product in the sausage roll market, called Gala Mega which is twice the size of the normal sausage roll and goes for N100.

This development was made known during a press briefing by the company to introduce the   new product. The General Manager (Marketing) of the company, Mrs. Joan Ihekwaba, while addressing the press, said that the brand is a new addition to the rich basket of snacks offering from the company   to ease yearnings of consumers.

According to Ihekwaba, Gala mega is a direct response to the desires of Gala consumers for a more filling snack to keep them going as they achieve their daily goals.

In her own words, “Some consumers have been found to eat multiple sausage rolls, just to get filled up. With Gala mega, consumers can easily fill up on a friendly budget.”

She elucidated that the superior value offering of Gala sausage roll has been replicated in the Gala mega sausage roll.