Thursday 22 November 2018


A certain man told his wife that he was going for two weeks seminar abroad. The wife later discovered that her husband was with another woman in the next street. She went there and found her husband with the woman. She left and came back home without saying anything.

Two days after, the husband came back home and went straight to the bedroom. Five minutes later, when the wife did not see him in the living room, she went in only to see him packing his clothes.

“Honey what are you doing?” she asked. The husband replied that he was packing out of the house. “If you were the one that caught with another man, I would have sent you packing. But now that you have caught me, I deserve the same punishment. So I want to punish myself by packing out,” he said.

The woman knelt down as said, “Honey, no need to punish yourself. I have forgiven you already because the bible said that we should forgive one another.” She started unpacking what he packed.

Talking to herself, “yeye man, he is looking for excuse to go and stay with that woman permanently, for where? Look, you can't dodge your responsibilities. Na me and you go take care of the five children we have.”

Lesson: Wise women keep their homes.

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