Thursday 15 November 2018


Stress can negatively impact the body, thus putting a damper on fertility. And unfortunately, stress is compounded when we try to conceive month after month, creating a downward spiral that is difficult to break. Many couples become emotionally distressed when they are facing conception problems. These negative emotions breed more negative thought forms, which then reinforce other unpleasant feelings even leading to depression.

This makes sense to us because infertility impacts every facet of ones life, similar to life-threatening diseases. You may have heard countless stories of couples who give up on pregnancy and finally elect to adopt, and then miraculously get pregnant. Or, they go on vacation to forget their tribulations with their infertility struggle, and then viola, they get pregnant while away. Up until now, such anecdotal stories were just that – wives tales that had the effect of causing even more stress on infertile couples making them think the failure to conceive was their fault. Not so anymore!

Getting a grip on our negative mental ‘chatterbox‘ (our mental self-talk) and preventing depression before it creeps in can make a huge difference for many couples and improve the odds of natural conception (even in difficult cases).

Below are some tips that can help to redirect negative thinking:
-Identify a negative thought when it sneaks up and also what triggers them.
-Replace a negative thought with a positive one.
-Visualize yourself in the midst of a healthy pregnancy and then embrace the healthy baby of your dreams!  Visualize you and your partner cradling a beautiful infant. The more you get into it and the more real you make it in your mind, the more chance you have of ‘coaxing’ your body into that reality.
-Break the Monotony. Many couples, who have problems conceiving, often find themselves sexually bored, which can lead to relationship problems and increases the chance of depression. If sex is allowed to become nothing more than a means of making a baby, it can quickly lose its fire!  Try to keep loving fun!
-Relaxation techniques including meditation, along with positive thinking techniques dramatically increased the odds of conception.
-The power of the mind is an amazing thing.  Our very lives are oftentimes the result of our own thought patterns, whether they are positive or negative ones. When you think wholeheartedly upon something, you put energy into that thought form, which it in turn released into your environment. What we focus on expands. So think fertile!

Infertility, on the other hand, could have hormonal roots or there could be structural deformations leading to lower sperm count or poor sperm motility. Fertility treatments with assisted conception techniques like in-vitro fertilization (IVF) are the best bet.
Do you have issues or delay in getting pregnant? Do you find it very difficult to impregnate your wife? You do not need to worry about it. Just contact the best fertility specialist in Nigeria, Dr. Michael Ogunkoya (+2348033069466) for counseling. He was trained in the best medical schools in USA, London, Canada, Wales and Hungary. Dr. Ogunkoya is the man that has the divine mandate to stamp-out childlessness among Nigerian couples. He is the medical director of The Hope Valley Fertility Clinic.

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