Monday, 1 March 2021


Folks, the message below was sent from an internet fraudster. Do not respond to this type of e-mail:


Dee Parsons's <>

  Dear Friend,

May the grace, peace, love and the truth in the word of God be with you and all those that you love and care for. I know it will be a great surprise to you reading this message from me today. I haven't known each other or met before. But I want you to consider this as God divine intervention and opportunity which I believe that You and I can cooperate together in this humanitarian social project only for the glory and honor of God. My names are Mrs. Dee Parsons,  I am a dying widow hospitalized undergoing treatment for brain tumor disease. Because of this reason i decided to seek for your sincerity and ability to carry out this transaction and fulfill my final wish in implementing the charitable social project in your country as it requires absolute trust and devotion without any failure, which i believe that you are a reliable person and you will not expose or betray this trust and confident that I'm about to entrust on you. My late husband made a substantial deposit with the bank with my name as the beneficiary which I decided to hand over and entrust the sum of ($ 12,500,000.00, Dollars) in the account to you to invest into the humanitarian social project. Based on my present health status as I'm permanently indisposed to handle finances or any financial related project, following my diagnoses. Having known my present health condition, I decided to seek for your assistance in reclaiming the fund for the support and mutual benefit of the less privileged as I don't have any relation, and I have been touched by God to donate from what I have to the needy because it will be a great loss in spending the fund on my health treatment hence my doctor has confirmed to me that i will not survive this illness.


This is the reason I contacted you for your support and help to stand as my rightful beneficiary and claim the money for humanitarian purposes for the mutual benefits of the less privileged ones. Because If the money remains unclaimed with the bank after my death, those greedy bank executives will place the money as an unclaimed Fund and share it for their selfish and worthless ventures. Meanwhile  It will be my pleasure to compensate you as my Investment Manager/Partner with 35% percent of the total amount as commission/share just for you to take this charitable project serious and handle it with sincerity of mind, showing honesty and attention in our communication and in every aspect of this project considering the fact that I will not survive this illness, and cannot do anything from this sick bed but my quest to use the fund in such a way which shall please God has prompted me to contact you in this manner, use 5% percent for any expenses or processing charges fee that will involve during this process while 60% of the money will be Invested into the charity project there in your country for the mutual benefits of the less privileged ones. If you are willing to accept this offer and do exactly as I have stated above, then get back to me for further details of the transaction.


God Bless You,

Regards. Mrs. Parsons. 

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