Wednesday, 3 March 2021


Oluchi Omeje

An Abuja-based super charming brilliant big babe, Oluchi Omeje, shared an experience she had with a certain fraudulent evangelist who approached her with a fraudulent business proposal. Hmmm!!! One needs to be very smart to ward-off those people using the name of Jesus to defraud the unsuspecting public.

In Oluch’s own words on Facebook, “One smart young man came to me with a business proposal that didn't sound convincing to me. When the look on my face showed him I wasn't interested, he reintroduced himself. He had earlier introduced himself as Julius, later he reintroduced himself as Evangelist Julius. I just smiled and told him it doesn't make any difference, i told him it's just like every other title. He thinks I still believe everything I hear because it's coming from a pastor or evangelist. I actually did when I was naive.”
She went ahead to refer to religion and religious leaders as scam and fraudsters respectively. She said, “When we hear the word 'Fraud', what comes to everybody's mind is yahoo boys. When you hear scam, we all become conscious and suspicious of the street boys. Anyways, I now see scam and fraudulent activities beyond the regular yahoo boys’ games. The biggest SCAM I know now is religion and the biggest fraudsters are the religious leaders. It takes the regular scammers a lot to convince their victims but you see those big self-acclaimed men of God and Daddy GOs, all they need is a nice coat and fine pair of shoe(I swear to God shoe). It only take them to dress well, mount the pulpit with white handkerchief to dab his face when he sweats. They speak God English, brainwash people in the name of God, deceive people in the name of God, steal from people, dribble them and commit all manner of atrocities in Jesus name. And they get hailed for it.
“I have come to realise that these so called men of God are not too different from our political leaders. The only difference I know is that people see the former as saint all because they commit their own atrocities in "Jesus name". My naivety made me see them as saints until I had the opportunity to encounter some of them beyond pulpit sweet teachings. Have a financial dealings with them and you will find out why 90% of them are in the Church. They are just theirfor their financial gains and will easily see their conscience when money is involved.” 

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