Saturday, 3 October 2015


Izuchukwu Okpara
One of our responsibilities in Tectono Business Review is to advertise budding entrepreneurs. We came in contact with this 19 years old intelligent boy called Izuchukwu Okpara at Ojuelegba area of Lagos. What attracted us to him was his demeanor, quintessential and erudite spoken English. He works in a company that deals on phones as a marketer. In an interview with him, he speaks on phone business in Lagos, auto spare parts business and his future plans. Sit back and enjoy it.

Could you tell us about yourself?
I am Izuchukwu Okpara from Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State. I was born and brought up here in Lagos. I attended Shepherd Nursery & Primary School in Orile, Lagos and Surulere Senior Secondary School. I am a marketer in Festino Communications Ltd., a dealer in phones and accessories.

Wow!!! That’s great. Why did you choose to work in a company that sells phones? Do you have the intention of doing that business by yourself?
Yes, I have the intention of starting the business once I get the maximum experience required. I chose phone business in view of the fact that phones are fast moving products. It sells fast and better than other products. Moreover, it is not a dirty business.

What do you mean by it is not a dirty business?
It is because one can sell phones and their accessories from morning till evening and still remains very neat. Can’t you see how neat I am? There are many businesses that are very dirty like auto spare parts business.

Why are you particular about auto spare parts business?
Spare parts business is very menial and to stressful. If I were in auto spare parts business, I would have been very dirty carrying parts of vehicles and so on.

But don’t you think that the so called dirty business generates more money?
The point is that in auto spare parts business, sales are not being made on a daily basis. Some of them can even stay for a full month without making any sale. It is unlike phones business where sales and profits are being made on a daily basis.

What is your future plan in this phones business?
I would like to set up my own company that will be importing phone from Asian and European countries. I would also like to have sales outlets in all parts of the country.

Really? That is a very good dream. What are you doing to achieve that?
I have been saving 30% of my salaries every month in preparation to set up my own company. I have also been reading books on how to run companies effectively. I read books on leadership and management.

What do you do with the remaining 70% of your salary?
I use it in transportation to and from the office; feeding; clothing etc.

What about drinking and womanizing?
No, it is not in my character to drink and womanize. I do not have time for that.

Your age-mates out there would like to know why you do not drink and womanize.
First of all, it is not good for one’s health. Secondly, it consumes one’s resources. It also makes one to lose direction in life.

Okay, let us go back to the phones business. Every business has secrets of making money. Can you tell us the secrets here?
Well, if I reveal it to you, it is no longer a secret. It is only meant for those ones in the business. On the average, we sell 30 pieces of phones on a daily basis and we make excess of N1,500 per one.

Where would you like to be in the next five years?
In five years’ time, I am supposed to have started importing phones from Asia and Europe. I am supposed to have at least fifty sales outlets all over the country. By that time, I must have employed more than four hundred graduates.

What is your message to your fellow youths out there who will read this interview?
Well, I would like them to know that patience pays. They should not be desperate to make money, rather, they should insist on doing only legitimate business. They have to look inwardly and know the kind of gifts God endowed them with and start something from somewhere. Laziness is too bad. 

Some readers of this interview may like to contact you. Would you like to drop your contacts?
Okay, I would like give out my phone number. It is: 08179109181.

Izuchukwu Okpara, it is a pleasure speaking with you. We, at Tectono Business Review, wish you all the best in your business journey.
Thank you so much and may God bless.