Thursday, 29 October 2015


Kaymu, an e-commerce giant, has once more announced its determination to strengthen online shopping experiences in Nigerian market. This disclosure was made at the launching of the first-of-its kind social innovation centre called Kaymu Village in Lagos to provide an enhanced user experience between sellers and buyers in the Yaba environs.

Tectono Business Review gathered that the centre was dedicated to accelerate the interaction between members of its community and at Kaymu Village customers are able to set up and manage their online stores, resolve issues, compare prices, shop for items, fulfill orders, drop-off and pick up and interact with one another.

The Managing Director of Kaymu, Sefik, Bagdadioglu, said that Kaymu Village would provide a platform for engagement between sellers, buyers in the community and the online marketplace.

In his own words: “As an innovative company, we constantly seek ways to contribute to the growth of SMEs and the sustainability our community of buyers and sellers. Through the Kaymu Village we aimed to contribute to the efforts of the government in developing local e-commerce businesses in the community as well as provide a one stop hub for effective interactions between buyers and sellers within the community.”

We learnt that at the Kaymu Village, shoppers are not required to navigate a myriad of aisles in search of specific products; rather through the use of the smart devices provided at the center, customers can launch their online businesses, search for items they require, experience Kaymu’s services and fulfill their orders in an enabling environment.