Saturday, 24 October 2015


Dr. Mofoluso Fagbeja
The Coordinator of a Non-Governmental Organization known as Safer Earth Development Foundation (SEDF), Dr. Mofoluso Fagbeja, on Thursday, called for urgent and a sustainable improvement in the decommissioning of redundant oil and gas installation.

Dr. Fagbeja made the call in Abuja, at a roundtable on the ‘Decommissioning of Redundant Oil and Gas Installation in Nigeria.’ He said that the current trend of divestment of onshore oil and gas assets in favour of offshore assets required balancing of sustainable development objectives with final project outcomes and completion.

In his own words: “The necessary improvement includes environmental protection pollution control and sustainable exploitation of resources measures, consideration of the need for economic growth and development and a focused on the health, safe and security of hosting communities.”

He underscored the need for provision of restoration approach and action around decommissioned assets, adding that the provision would guarantee the remedies to the environment, livelihoods and social systems of communities that hosted oil and gas operations.

According to him, the host communities should be educated on decommissioning and other aspect of the oil industry to enable them hold government and international oil companies accountable.

He said: “There should be robust communication process around the abandonment or decommissioning of used assets to ensure that the host communities are fully informed and consulted during and after the decommissioning.”

Dr. Fagbeja said that the empowerment of regulators with resources to secure their independence from oil companies was a positive development, and recommended the establishment of effective channels of communication between the oil producing communities and the regulators.

He added that the legislation governing the oil companies had also improved and urged the communities to cooperate with the sustainability partners with a view to ensure a clean environment and healthy decommissioning.