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Abnormalities in the semen are primarily due to defects in sperm production by the testes. The causes are usually unknown, but occasionally associated with:
Previous infection
In general terms, acute infections such as orchitis, epididymitis, seminal vesiculitis or prostatitis may cause permanent sterility as a result of severe germinal epithelial damage or production of ex-current duct obstruction.  Acute urinary tract infection including Chlamydia (non-specific urethritis) may influence sperm motility. (Staph aureus is not a probable organism responsible for infertility). Diseases of the testis such as syphilis are rare.

Certain drugs and chemical agents
Chemotherapeutic agents (especially alkylating agents), nitrofurantoin , sulfasalazine, cimetidine, marihuana, anabolic steroids and amoebiscides. Chronic alcoholism associated with liver cirrhosis can lead to testicular atrophy with gonadal failure.

The presence of varicocoele leading to a rise in temperature around the testicles may adversely affect sperm production and motility.

Fever generally can cause damage to the spermatozoa. (The scrotal testis is 2degree Celsius lower in temperature than that of the rest of the body). Similarly, frequent hot baths, wearing of non-porous nylon underwear and suspensory ligament may impair spermatogenesis via increased scrotal temperature. Little wonder then that IVF laboratory and the carbon iv oxide incubators in use have strict temperature regulations.
Other causes of abnormal sperm are excessive drinking/smoking, surgery, radiation and radiotherapy.

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