Saturday 1 September 2018


In all our previous discourses we have taken copious time to discuss in detail the copious causes of infertility in men. We did that without any apology to the prevailing African culture that had historically heaped the challenges of infertility on the door step of women.  Research in Medical field has proven that infertility affects both gender but in varying ways and manners.
Today’s discourse will take a cursory look at some of the obvious causes of infertility in women. The following are some of the causes of infertility in Women:

ABSENT OF MENSTRUAL OVULATION: At puberty a female begin to develop her secondary sexual characteristics one of which is menstrual/ovulation cycle. The first year of menstruation, ovulation does not occur, but if it persist after the first year this may lead to infertility.  Anovulatory cycle is a cycle where there is no ovulation but menstruation occurs. Anovulatory cycle can lead to Amenorrchea (no menstrual cycle), irregular menstrual cycle, light menstrual cycle. If Ovulation does not occur, that means that there was no Eggs released for fertilization, hence, no pregnancy can occur.
1.                               HORMONAL PROBLEM:  when the hormones that stimulate ovulation  are not secreted  or fairly secreted and eggs are  not developed.
2.                               Scarred Ovaries
3.                               Blocked fallopian tubes : This prevents the migration of the Eggs
4.                               Stress
5.                               Excess weight (too much or too less)
6.                               Polycystic Ovarian syndrome
Anovulation  can be treated with some medication, hence kindly contact a Doctor (gyneacologist) to rescribed  medication based on proper diagnosis.

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