Saturday 1 September 2018


In line with the resolve of the CEO of The Hope Valley International Fertility Clinic, DR. M. O. Ogunkoya to further advance health services to our society in dire Need, I have been mandated to immediately draw up a template for the smooth setup of our NGO.

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WHO WE ARE:  we are a not-for-profit and a Non Governmental Organization working to advance critical health solutions to families in developing countries of Africa. The organization is a brainchild of highly dynamic experts who cut across various sectors of public health, civil society, Banking, real estate as well as religious sectors who are highly motivated and committed to contributing their time, skills and energy to the development and advancement of public and family health issues in Africa. The organization is a human-centred NGO and could as well be labeled as an implementing organization which designs and implement various public health and developmental projects with the financial support of international donor agencies, philanthropists and relevant government agencies.

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OUR VISSION: We envision an Africa where all families can boldly access their complete family health needs.

OUR MISSION:  To advance a holistic health care services critical to family wellbeing in Africa.

Ø  Sexual and Reproductive Health including subfertility issues
Ø  HIV/AIDS advocacy, prevention and treatment
Ø  Malaria prevention and treatment
Ø  Mental Health
Ø  Epidemic management/control
Ø  Family health/population research
Ø  Promotion of public health information for Families and communities in Africa.

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In order to achieve our mission and to make our programs even more human-centered; the organization will follow certain values and guiding principles in all our interventions and dealings. These include the following:
Ø   Peace & Tolerance
Ø  Participation & Inclusion
Ø   Transparency & Accountability
Ø   Non-Discrimination
Ø   Non-Violence
Ø  Equity & Fairness
Ø  Sharing & Openness
Ø  Excellence in service delivery
Ø  Trust
Ø  Dignity
Ø  Attention to details

Our target audiences include:
Ø  The family
Ø  Widows
Ø  Children including orphans and vulnerable ones
Ø  Youths
Ø  Communities at risk
Ø  Health institutions at the primary level

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The organization’s geographical focus is the continent of Africa.

The NGO will be registered with the corporate affairs commission of the respective African countries that we operate in, starting from Nigeria.

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We believe that networking, collaboration and sharing of knowledge, resources and information are key elements to  addressing the perennial health and developmental challenges that have bedeviled families and communities in Africa for several centuries. Hence, we intend to seek membership of likeminded health networks and coalitions in Africa and beyond.

The organization shall be manned by the following department for the smooth running of its various programs:
i.                     Program department: The program department shall be responsible chiefly for design, implementation and general project oversight for the organization. The director of programs will also be responsible for resource mobilization and grant applications. The department will also oversee the day to day running of the organization with strict supervision of the Executive Director.
ii.                   Research and documentation, Monitoring and evaluation Department: This department will be responsible for the various researches, as well as documentation and monitoring and evaluation activities of the NGO.
iii.                 Admin/HR/Logistics department: This department takes charge of staff recruitment, training, mobilization, remuneration as well daily administrative work.
iv.                 Account/budget Department: This department shall be responsible for the accounting and budgeting need of the organization.

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The Following are the key elements of our organization’s Program Strategies & Work Approach:
1.       Thematic Partnerships 
2.       Social Mobilization /Community Participation
3.       Awareness Raising & Sensitization
4.       Capacity Building
5.       Dialogues & Engagements
6.       Research & Publications
7.       Networking & Coalition Building
8.       Advocacy & Lobbying
9.       Review & Reflection

The organization will follow a specific set of policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). We will use the following manuals of policies: -
Ø  Manual of Human Resources and Administrative Policies
Ø  Manual of Financial Policies
Ø  Manual of Gender policy
These manuals will contain a number of basic organizational policies and procedures which help in the creation and maintenance of a transparent, accountable and fair- working environment in our organization and ensure the effective achievement of our overall objectives.

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 The organization will have a core team with various professional backgrounds such as management, finances and Human Resources etc. In addition, the organization will hire the project staffers as and when required. The organization also engages volunteers and interns on need basis.

Monitoring of projects in our organization will always be the most important and priority matter. There will always be a built-in mechanism of review and monitoring for all the projects we implement. The processes of review and monitoring will help the organization to achieve the project objectives in smooth and timely manner. As the key mechanism of monitoring, the projects will be monitored by the implementation teams led by the program director and the management of the organization.

Accounts & Audits
The organization will maintain all accounts on double entry system. The organization will also develop various financial policies, systems and formats etc. which will help in the effective management of all its funds and maintaining a complete transparency in receipts and payments at all levels. We will get our accounts (receipts and payments) audited by a recognized chartered accounting firm on the completion of projects or by the end of each financial year.

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Our Website will be robust, friendly and visitor-compliant. Efforts will be made to ensure that the website contains all the relevant information of the organization and the same is easily accessible to the visitor. The website improvement and updating will be a continuous process and the organization will try to upload in the cyber space its maximum information possible.

 The organization will be governed by a Board of Directors (BoD). The Board is the key policy making and governance body of the organization. It formulates and approves policies and organizational systems and evaluates the overall performance of the NGO on periodic basis. The BoD consists of seasoned technocrats (both male and female) and is headed by its Chairman. These individuals will comprise health-care practitioners, development professionals, intellectuals, academicians, activists and media persons. The Executive Director of the organization will serve as the board chairman while the program manager serves as the secretary of the Board. The Board works in the guidelines of its byelaws.

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 The organization will be led by an Executive Director who will be the formal head of the organization. The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors (BOD) and is responsible for the overall management of the organization. The Executive Director is supported by the program Manager or director who leads and coordinates a team of other project officers and managers of different sections / programs of the organization, and they jointly form a management structure for the NGO.

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