Monday 3 September 2018


In our previous post we have made odious attempt to unravel the commonest causes of infertility in both men and women, but most particularly men. Today’s post is a continuation of our discourse on causes of infertility in Men.

BLOCKED TUBES (Epididymis and Vas deferens): Sperm produce by the testes are transported via the Epididymis and vas deferens to the penis where they are ejaculated. These tubes or ducts are not only used as passage way for the sperm, but also serve as the route of development because as the sperm moves through these route , they are introduced to proteins and growth components which in turn become the semen we all can see when excreted or ejaculated. Infertility can occur when there is a defect on these tracts or ducts or tubes. It is important to note that the tubes may be blocked due to the following:
Ø  Blockage due to infection: sexual transmitted infections such as gonorrhea, syphilis, Chlamydia etc. can result in the blockage of the tube.
Ø   Chromosomal abnormalities: the tube may also be blocked due to particular chromosomal infections known as klinefeters syndrome- a situation where a male has an abnormal pair of Chromosome XXY rather than the normal XY. Men with XXY Chromosomes have normal genitals, secrete a good amount of testosterone but their Seminiferous tubule are abnormal. It is also known as seminiferous tubule Dysgenesis.
Ø  Blockage due to Surgery: This is made possible when a man underwent a surgery that results in the blockage of the vas deferens knowingly or unknowingly.
Ø  Trauma: Injury on the genital can block the ducts.

Men whose duct or tubes are blocked can undergo surgery to remove such blockage. This procedure has proven successful over the years in restoring free flow of the sperm through the ducts but it is important to note that pregnancy rate is relatively low. Hence, in order to achieve high rate of pregnancy, sperm can be collected surgically and transferred to the woman using the various Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART).

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