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Ø  It is an ideology
Ø  It is a movement
Ø  It is a philosophy
Ø  It is a concept

It seeks to provide reproductive sexual healthcare, usually including the promotion of accessible means of voluntary fertility control, operation of clinics, conduction of educational programmes i.e. sex education, conduction of educational and dissemination of information.

Most countries including, Nigeria, has her own organization i.e. Planned Parenthood Organization of Nigeria. They are all members of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF)

“An organization that gives out information on the planning of the number and spacing of the birth of one’s children as through the use of birth control measures.”

Ø  Mostly rooted in Brownville, Brooklyn, New York, America.
Ø  Margaret Sanger, a nurse, opened the first birth control clinic in 1916, about 100 years ago.
Ø  She founded the “American Birth Control League in 1921.
Ø  Sanger’s mum, Irish family of eleven children died at 50 from TB.
Ø  Sanger traveled to Europe to study Birth Control which was illegal.
Ø  The name changed to Planned Parenthood in 1942.
Ø  Sanger had the revolutionary idea that women should control their own bodies and thus their own destinies. Not imaginable at that time.
Ø  In the USA today, it has about 600 health centers. It is the USA leading provider and advocate of high quality, affordable healthcare for women, men and young people.
Ø  It is the largest provider of sex education in the USA.

Note: In 1916, after opening the clinic, police raided and shut it down. Three women, Sanger, Byrne and Mindel were charged with crime of sharing birth control informations. She refused to pay fine and spent 30 days in jail where she educated other inmates about birth control.

Sanger later traveled to the country to share her vision and the Planned Parenthood Movement began.
Ø  In 1923, Sanger opened the Birth Control Clinical Research in Manhattan. She also incorporated the “American Birth Control League.” The two merged to become the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA).
Ø  In 1936, court ruled that birth control devices and informations are no longer obscene and could be legally distributed in New York, Connecticut and Vermont.  
Ø  It took another 30 years for these rights to be extended to just, married couple (not singles) only.
Ø  In 1956, the first large scale human trial of the ‘pill’ was carried out in Pueto Rico.
Ø  In 1960, the FDA approved sale of the Contraceptive pill in May 9, 1960.

Global spread of Sanger’s vision was swift; it spread to India in 1952. Today, even PPA of America is a member association of IPPF. In 1972, a USA Supreme Court struck down a Massachusetts statue that banned the distribution of Contraceptive to married people.

Ø  Thereafter, anyone – single or married was allowed to get birth control from their doctors.
Ø  In early 1970, a movement for safe and legal abortion emerged.
Ø  A Planned Parenthood Health Centre in Syracuse, New York was the first Planned Parenthood health center to offer abortion services.
Ø  In 1973, Roe Vs Wade case guaranteed the right to safe and legal abortion within 3/12 in all 50 states till today.
Ø  Later, spousal consent and strict parental concept for minors were struck down.
Ø  Later, no more public funding for abortion except in cases of rape, incest or endangered situations.
Ø  Many other laws and modifications followed including:
1.      Different state regulating funding for abortion
2.      Seeking approval for new birth control methods i.e. injection, ring, patch and implant.
3.      Offering HIV testing in communities.
4.      In 1999, Plan B “Emergency Contraception” was approved (Morning after pill).
5.      In 1996, Planned Parenthood launched “” which made expert medical and sexual health information accessible online.
6.      In 2000, mifepristone was approved by FDA for safe and effective option for abortion.
7.      In 2005, Planned Parenthood started providing HRT for transgender patients. 
8.      In 2006, HPV vaccine was approved and Planned Parenthood health centres began providing this life-saving cancer prevention method.
9.      In 2009, Obama overturned the global GAG rule and reaffirmed America’s commitment to sexual and reproductive health. Insurance cover now includes birth control and preventive cover i.e. cancer screening and STD testing.
10.  60 years later, the charity is a Federation of 152 member association working in 172 countries. It runs 65,000 service points worldwide.

Ø  It is a private non-profit organization founded in late 1950.
Ø  Mission was to provide adoption of child-spacing and contraceptive practices among individuals and couples.
Ø  Over the years, PPFN has evolved from this narrow role to a broader, more comprehensive missions including implications and needs arising from ICPD, the Beijing International Women Conference, adolescent reproductive health and HIV/AIDS pandemic.
Ø  PPFN has recently introduced a new identity (LOGO) in Abuja in February 2018.
Ø  Current emphasis emerging from the recent NEC of PPFN is on IDPs.
Ø  PPFN is ever expanding its scope via regular meeting with bodies such as UNFPD and ECOWAS.
Ø  Its activities are centered on strengthening women’s right to sexual and reproductive health.
Ø  Nigeria (PPFN) also had a prominent meeting recently with Child Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF).
Ø  Nigeria (PPFN) also signed a partnership agreement with the Society for Family Health. The project aims at increasing service delivery or contraceptives mix and primary healthcare delivery in Lagos and Kaduna States via community pharmacies and also patients and proprietary medicine vendors in Lagos and Kaduna states.

·         Abortion services
·         Planned Parenthood provides factual, non-judgmental informations about your options along with safe and compassionate abortion services.
·         Abortion referrals
·         Birth control
·         Emergency contraception (morning-after pill)
·         General Healthcare
·         HIV services
·         LGBT services: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Queer Intersex Patients. There is a Hormone therapy for trans-gender patients.
·         Men’s health services i.e. for cancer, STD, fertility, sexual dysfunction, birth control and routine checkups.
·         Patients education
·         Pregnancy testing and services.
·         STD testing, treatment and vaccines

i.e. birth control
·         STD tests
·         Cancer screening
·         Pregnancy related services
·         Reproductive and sexual health such as pap test, cancer screen such as vaginal infections.
·         Breast examination
·         Colposcopy
·         Inconfinence
·         Mammogram
·         Menopause testing and treatment
·         Female sexual dysfunction

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