Wednesday, 27 May 2020


One of the numerous things we do, at Tectono Business Review, is helping Nigerian businesses, both big and small, grow higher by multiplying their clientele base free of charge. We do this via listing their business names, products and services addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and websites.

Extra-smart Nigerians are getting shares of the new Lagos by acquiring plots, acres and hectares of land at Ibeju Lekki . What are you waiting for? Click:

We are in the age of internet and virtually everybody that wants to buy anything or wants a certain service rendered to him must first of all look for the companies that have what he wants via search engines. A few months ago, we realized that even raw foodstuff retailers are listing their products online. Some big madams that do not have time to come out of their houses now Google-search for sellers of foodstuffs around where they live and contact them to negotiate for home delivery.

We have listed innumerable businesses operating in Nigeria for easy accessibility via search engine because our website is well optimized on the search engine. We have been doing this free of charge without even contacting the owners of the businesses. Today, we got a call from a certain firm telling us to delist their company name from our website because we are using their company name to promote our own business. The caller threatened us with a law suit if we fail to delist them within 12 hours.

Have you heard that Landwey is giving out plots of land at URBAN PRIME TWO ESTATE at Abraham Adesanya Roundabout, Ajah, Lagos? You can get yours by clicking:

See us see trouble. Imagine this nonsense. We are using their name to promote our business. Hahahahahahaaa!!!!! This is ludicrous and ridiculous. Tectono Business Review that has readership from all over the world listed an obscure firm to gain promotion. Hahahahahahaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! Wonders shall never end.

Wow!!! Have you discovered where CEOs and top managers take their vehicles to for body work, painting with Sikkens paint and oven baking? It’s GOF AUTOS LTD. For details, click:

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Do you know that you will minimize the amount of money you spend on food items when we deliver the foods items to you in bulk at reduced price from our farms? For details, click:

Have you thought about having a 5-Bedroom Apartment with Penthouse and Indoor Swimming Pool near Pan Atlantic University?  For details, click: 

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