Friday, 15 May 2020


Folks, after taking a good look at E-Money, will you believe that he has suffered before? In case you do not know, E-Money has passed through excruciating abject poverty which pushed him to be a car washer. Are you bewildered? Some people have been asking us, at Tectono Business Review, how he became rich overnight.  

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Well, E-Money did not become rich overnight. Yes, we can prove it at any level. Let’s tell you why he became a car washer. E-Money is a gifted entrepreneur with a wide range of business ideas. Virtually all the high cashflow generating business ideas cannot be pursued empty-handed and Nigeria is not a country where an unknown person with good business idea can be sponsored. So, he decided to start a small business capable of generating money to pursue his great business ideas and that orchestrated the car-wash business.

E-Money has never been a lazy man. As a car washer, he was thinking outside the box. Folks, in case you currently run a car wash business, do not just be an ordinary car-washer. Think out of the box. Think about other bigger businesses you can do with the money you are making. If you are a barber, do not just be an ordinary barber.

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E-Money is among the very few men that married wives specifically prepared for them by God. He who finds a wife finds good thing and obtains favour from God. E-Money is lucky to marry a very beautiful woman that loves him from the bottom of her heart despite his degrading level of poverty. It was just few days after his traditional marriage that he got a mouth-watering deal that started his journey to his billionaire status. That’s marital blessing.

The deal he got was one of the deals he had started pursuing while running his car-wash business. It took marital blessing for him to land the deal. Men out there, when you get married and there is no improvement in your career or business, something must be wrong with your marriage. It was not ordained by God.

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