Saturday, 16 May 2020


A Metaphysician is a person who is interested in the fundamental principles of life. He is an individual who habitually attempt to locate some first causes from which from which arose the diversities of reality. In this regard, reality could mean events, conditions or situations. A metaphysician believes there is an abiding non-physical and intangible reamls of relation in the universe and this relation is the foundation of all things that exist. Therefore, a metaphysician is geared towards knowing the true beginning of things.

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There is this argument on what metaphysic is and what it should not be. When we talk of metaphysics in this way, we mean an academic and abstract exercise whose use is mostly speculative and most people would say, “words upon words.” This type of metaphysician is mostly a scholar whose focus is to provide the fundamental for any academic study. Our metaphysician does not see metaphysics as simply as a speculative past-time but a useful instrument for resolving life’s most challenging puzzles.

Marcus Bach believes that this metaphysical approach is experimental because it provides ground for truth to be tested in experience rather than speculate or believe in on institutionalized grounds. According to him, they represent powers to be used, theories sufficiently open-ended to be explored, leaving room for personal discovery and inner revelations to be tried.

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In this regard, our metaphysician would probably go outside the tight little dogma of the closed system of academic metaphysics and seek answers concerning human predicament. This would be done with a cybernetics frame of mind. By this, we mean a method of teleology, goal striving, goal-oriented behavior of systems. Cybernetics explains ‘what happens’ and ‘what is necessary’ in the purposeful behavior of systems. Our metaphysicians would take advantage of this as it applies to the feedback process. This practical sense of metaphysics is a synthesis of philosophy, science and religion.

Metaphysics as a mind science that deals with nature and the cause of knowing and being must blend the physical and the spiritual into a composite picture. Anthony Fisichella put it thus, “The esotericist explores the inner, hidden side of life, the empirical scientist works with the demonstratrable side and the metaphysician endeavours to synthesize the two,” using parapsychological tools to make it apparent.   

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