Thursday, 21 May 2020


Senator Fidelis Okoro
As soon as the death of an erstwhile senator from Enugu North senatorial district, Senator Fidelis Okoro, hit the internet, virtually everybody he represented in the upper chambers of the national assembly started jubilating. Politicians in that senatorial district were seen declaring free drinks. 

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“Fide Okoro was a very selfish, wicked and evil man who represented us three times in the senate without attracting even a single development project for us. He did not even help any of our young graduates secure job. He was converting funds for his constituency projects for his personal use. He was demonic,” said one of the excited politicians celebrating Senator Okoro’s death.

Come to think of it. Is the above assertion enough for some people to celebrate someone’s demise? These people are more devilish than the senator, if he was even devilish at all. We, at Tectono Business Review, are aware that somebody cannot be completely bad. No matter how bad one is, there must be a good aspect of him. The problem is that human beings choose to see the bad aspect of people. This is wrong. Owing to this development, a Facebook user from Enugu North senatorial district who uses ‘Opata Igbo’ as his name berated his people from engaging in this atrocious act.

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Opata Igbo wrote, “I'm not happy about how some Enugu North youths reacted over Senator Fidelis Okoro's death news. Those he offended have the right to react the way they reacted but I am convinced that there are still those he might have helped. I cannot believe that Senator Okoro did not help any single soul in Enugu North. Why do those he helped choose to keep quiet on his (Senator Okoro's) judgment day? I have met about three youths from Enugu North who confessed to me how Senator Okoro helped them as a Senator, but why they don't want to say it open is what I can't explain. One of them said that many people were already against him and even if he open up on how he helped me it will not change anything about him. This is not right. Always be ready to stand alone to defend anybody who helped you during your difficult time not minding what people are saying/will say.

“Finally, we claim to be Christians but our reactions toward Senator Okoro's death did not depict Christian lifestyles. Please, let those he offended forgive him and pray for his soul to rest in peace. It is not in the custody of man to judge Senator Okoro but God.”

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