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Spiritual power is the power of the mind to manipulate things. Because is a power domiciled in the mind, it requires mind conditioning. Conditioning is about controlling the mind and not the mind controlling you. If you remember your previous course on the subconscious, you were told that the mind is suggestive and addictive. You must learn to denied the mind some of its demands to stand above it. It is when you attain such mastership that spiritual power will start to manifest. Ordinary people try to attain it through such root as fasting; that's denial of constant food to the body or through some moral statues. All these are meant to discipline the mind to obedience in the true spiritual sense but religious people think they are doing it for God.


Spiritual power needs to be harnessed and directed in a special way. Doing this is like opening a locked save with a combination. If you do not have the combination,  you can try hour after hour, day after day, week after week and get nowhere. Indeed, most people go through a lifetime and never hit on the proper spiritual code to assess the combination. The spiritual key is designed to make the odds insurmountable that you might happen on the correct procedure by chance. One may brush by it occasionally by religious tampering and think one has found it. In this way form wrong opinion. The first stage to gaining total control over the mind is being in control of your characters, your pleasures, and desires. If these things control you, then you may lack the proper focus. So moderation is a very important step to spiritual growth. Neither must you deny yourself of the good things of life. The very ground for spiritual power is adequate mind control: the ability to hold oneself in the presence of highly tempting conditions. And to submit, agree and ask forgiveness and strength when you fail to meet up the expectations. This is directed to the God of our hearts; the God of our realization. If one attain mind control, then the next is to heighten the power of imagination and concentration.


Spiritual power is simply using your mind in a special way. Our mind have an ability to contact the consciousness of other minds as if we were all part of the same consciousness. There are other minds that are not embodied, they can see the images our mind projects. Our mind can use image as if they are real beings. Because mind images are real beings on the spiritual realm, they seek to manifest in the physical. But the divine put a blockage to such easy assess lest man become a God. Therefore the mind has to be unstable continually so that you cannot focus it. If one focus the mind and broadcast ones image, the whole world will be attuned to it and the nearest entity will come to your aid.


Secondly you must develop a state of consciousness that there is an invisible essence which supports or cushions the visible. It is there though I do not see it with the physical eyes at present. But it is at work, and that where it seems it doesn't show its workings something is missing. You must build a positive expectation towards the invisible. If you build a negative sense from your objective science, you will not encounter the spiritual. You cannot hide negative expectations from your mind, because that's where they reside. Expect failure and you create failure. Thirdly one must learn to relax the mind. Fidgeting in the sight of a problem distorts the mind. When engaged in spiritual action one must calm oneself down, overlook the appearance of things at the moment, focusing on the image one want to manifest. That focus directs spiritual energy towards the image you envisaged and overrides the present appearance.


As we begin to get a grasp of the reality that surrounds our life, we quite often struggle with the notion of entities, living beings coexisting with us quite  imperceptibly. I mean real beings here, right next to us. This people exist but without bodies. Our departed loved ones retain their unique and distinct personalities,  despite their lack of physical form. The main difference is that they are no longer confirmed to the limited physical condition that we are entrapped. Sometimes they are the people we knew. They still live, and love, and experience the created world. So somehow they still retain the companionship they previously have with us. Whether we are aware of them or not, we all have a group of spiritual beings who live and inspire us at the point of need.


Getting to know these beings can be a fascinating process. When we develop our spiritual awareness, we can learn to communicate with our spiritual companions, and get to know them just as we would get to know people in our material world. If we relate very well with them they can be of immense benefit. For example they can protect us physically against a force we cannot stand by shifting us in an unexpected way from the path of such force. Can cause us to forget something, make a wrong turn, only to find out that it is for our good. When in good relationship with them they suggest to you spiritual exercise to perform in certain situations. So in your mind always know that you are not alone where you are.  The act of feeling presence is a spiritual power.

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