Wednesday, 2 December 2020


Oluchi Omeje



I don't know how I should be feeling right now. For the first time in my life I refused to offer help even when it's within my capacity. I used to see this girl in my neighbourhood, she passes the front of my house mostly on Sundays. Never knew she comes to visit her boyfriend who is living very to my house until today when she came and knocked at my gate.

I opened and came out and the babe asked me to help her with N700. It was obvious that she was crying, I asked her what happened and she said she wanted to give her boyfriend a surprise visit and was the one surprised. She met another lady, a partner in crime. I asked her what she needed the N700 for and she said she did not have transport fare. Like seriously? How can you pay someone a surprise visit without transport fare? What if he traveled? She said they spoke before she left home but she didn't tell him she was coming.

I told her that there is love in sharing, I advised her to go back and make peace with him and the other partner in crime so that she can collect her transport fare. Even as a child, when I used to go for holiday visit in my uncle's house, my parents always gave me transport fare for to and fro. I keep wondering how a full grown adult will leave her house without transport fare, ATM card, nothing. Just with the hopes of collecting money from boyfriend. I was very angry that I refused to give her the transport fare, but ever since she left, I have been feeling bad. My conscience has been troubling me. Have a really done anything wrong? 

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