Thursday, 3 December 2020


Fraudsters have devised several means of obtaining money from their unsuspecting victims. The latest one is instilling fear by posing as a native doctor, calling a prospective victim and telling him or her that he has been paid to kill him or her. An Abuja super-big babe shared below how she handled a certain fraudster who posed as a native doctor. Enjoy it:


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I got four missed calls from this line 08102989461 on my phone this morning. Though I wasn't in a convenient place to talk but I quickly called back because I felt it must be very important for someone to call me four times at a stretch. So I called and a man pick and answered with a very sweet voice, he said, "Oluchi nwa Omeje, ime agaa?" I said I am fine and asked who he was and he said, “ my name is David from Enugu Ezike”. While I was wondering which David, he said I shouldn't bother that he knew did not know him.


He said he's a native doctor and according to him, my picture was with him. Lol! Inukwam David, a native Doctor. Not even Amadioha. He said someone gave him my picture and paid him to kill me. Lol. I can't stop laughing. I told him I was inside an office and was being attended to. I promised to call him when I get to the shop in 1hrs 30minutes time. Before 45minutes he called again, I told him I was on my way and will call as soon as I get back to shop. When he waited and the call wasn't forthcoming, he called and I picked. He said NNE, ijikwa ndu gi egwu egwu oooo( you're playing nwith your life oo).


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Why didn't you call again as promised, I told him that since he has called he should tell me why he called. He was shocked. He said, with so much guts? I said yes, he said, no problem, agam akuru gi igba, imakwa ete? I told him not to be a disloyal dibia, somebody paid you to kill me and you want to disappoint him/her? Go and do your work, kill me if you can, kill me if you made me and stop calling..... This is the newest method of defrauding people... I wonder if the person that gave him my picture also gave him my number.

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