Friday, 4 December 2020


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Dreams are also avenues to encounter spiritual beings ie entity of higher dimensions. You can encounter your relations on this dimension also. It affords those who have passed on to come in contact with you. In actuality they could have tried physically to assess your sense perception to no avail,  then they leave the impression in your mind which image is latter projected for you by the subconscious. 

Most dead people are always wanting contact with their relatives especially if they are going through a period of trials. If you appreciate their presence you must show it by thanking them for the contact. In thanking them, try to speak as if the person is standing before you and that you will like him or her to appear often  to keep the bond. Also as you advance in this studies, the masters of these mysteries would visit you also in the dream and introduce you to Celestial Forum, where so many revelations are made in a funny way.

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