Thursday, 4 October 2018


(1)       Specimen Collected in a Conical test tube containing 2mls of sperm prep.
(2)       Pour content into a petri dish $ tease with 2 needles/slice with knife until finely chopped. Add more perm prep if dry.
            Transfer into a conical tube and warm up for some 30min.
(3)       Take a sample on a slide $view for the presence of sperm.
(4)       Incubate specimen if necessary for one hour to energize sperm and view on slide again.
(5)       After one hour, add 0.3ml of 80% supra sperm Gradient into a conical test tube $ layer with 1ml of the sperm specimen.
 (6)       Spin at 2,200/2,500 rpm for 15/20mins and decant the supernatant.
(7)       Put a 3ml of warm sperm prep into a conical test tube and add the pellet for washing.
(8)       Centrifuge specimen at 1,500 for 10mins, Decant and view the pellet under microscope for the presence of sperm cells.