Friday, 5 October 2018


Dr. Emeka Mamah
My fellow constituents
This afternoon, I phoned Engr. Simon Atigwe and congratulated him on his victory in the just concluded House of Representatives primary election of our great party PDP. The party through the delegates has spoken and being a party man, I believe in the supremacy of the party. A winner has emerged. And I and my supporters have accepted the victory of the winner. To him, I say massive congratulations.

Like a one-time Presidential Aspirant in Ghana said, "Every election is a hard-fought battle, and this one was no exception. For those of us who choose to be contenders and go into electoral contests, we go about it as a win - lose proposition".

Together with my campaign organisation, we believe that only one person can emerge as the winner. And while it is true that only one person can be elected as our representative in this case, in reality, and certainly in a democracy such as ours, every election is an opportunity for the people to express their will, to have their say in who will lead them in the shaping of our future. I would have cherished an opportunity to represent and contribute my quota to the general good of our constituency but I respect the will of the people.

In this way, each victory belongs to the people. It is precisely on account of my belief in God, our Governor, leaders and the greater glory of our people that future that I have decided at this stage to congratulate my brother, ally and friend, Engr. Simon Atigwe. He won and I concede to him. He has all it takes to represent us. And I am sure he will make a good leader. With this understanding, I would like to assure our great party, leaders and party faithful of my commitment to the victory of Peoples Democratic Party in the 2019 elections.

I also wish to reach out to my other colleagues who lost in the primaries to accept the reality so we can all join hands to move the party to greater glory. They are men and women who have carved niche for themselves and have the wherewithal to make even greater impact.

And to the winner, I expect that he will be magnanimous in victory and work fast enough to unite the leaders, mend fractured relationships and provide leadership that will galvanise our people into the forthcoming elections. United, they say, we stand.

I am profoundly grateful to the almighty God, the leadership of Udenu/Igbo Eze North Constituency, my campaign directorate and avid supporters who trusted in me, slaved day and night to ensure we won. Though we didn't win in the end, I hold them in high esteem. I shall forever treasure them.

To His Excellency the Governor, my friend and leader, I will always be your proud supporter and assure you that together we will wade through the storm of 2019 elections and emerge on the side of victory.

I would be remiss if I did not take a moment to express my deepest gratitude to my wife and family members who have made this journey with me. You are the best treasure I have.

I wish to thank all my friends and well-wishers from across the state and beyond who kept urging me on, being supportive in more ways than one and who gave all for me in the course of this campaign. May God richly bless all of you.


Dr. Emeka Mamah
Ugbaike, Enugu Ezike
Igbo Eze North LGA

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