Thursday 4 October 2018


 The principles of successful family leadership as a topic for discussion struck me initially as unusual in the sense that, I thought I know all about it already. However, on second thought and on reflection, I conclude that, I have been paying lip – service to most of the issues involved.

It’s in - depth study and appraisal has thought me that I should be careful in taking issues at their surface values and that hidden treasures of knowledge are not necessarily obvious on the surface.
  Having perused the topic, the issues and perspectives there – in, it has drawn my attention to the need -: To
      1. Pay serious attention to my own family and in particular my children
      2. Appreciate and encourage my spouse to do the same
      3. Pray to God to achieve all these
      4. Bear in mind the relevance of raising good children who would impact the society positively. To remember that the way I raise my children bear relevance to the way they will bring up their own children.
       5. Love my children unconditionally and bring them up in the fear and admonition of the lord.
       6. Teach my children the virtues expected of them to become God’s Children Great Talent (G.C.G.T)
       7. Review my time allocation for my daily activities in order to effectively play all the God’s expected roles assigned to me by him.
   Obviously, the course has positively challenged me and given me new horizon to explore as far as my responsibilities as a father and a husband are concerned. These constitute serious challenges but I know that they are for the better and that with God my zeal to improve my standing with God as far as these issues are concerned shall be fruitful.
   I intend to extend the lessons I have learnt from this course to every area of my life i.e. my work place e.g. my staff, my friends, my associations etc. By so doing, I hope the society at large would be positively impacted.
  One thing is obvious, that is the fact that the inclusion of this topic in the RILA curriculum is already positively influencing our modern Christian teachers as some of us are included. Certainly, we are going to go out there in the society and spread the doctrines entrenched in the principles of building an excellent home to transform our society. Contemporary Christian teachers should not only teach others, they should make the principles golden rule of thumb for their own nuclear families.
  The course as a whole is well packaged. Perhaps, at some point, the resource persons may include a prototype of a troubled home not only by verbal illustration but on video to exemplify the seriousness of the consequence of being raised in a troubled home. I thank the management of RILA as well as the resource persons for enriching my knowledge and bringing me nearer to where God wants me to be. Thank you.

  It has been a pleasure to be a partaker of this course. The subject matter is crucial and it is at the core of the survival of children of God. The course has opened my eyes including my inner ones to see things I did not see before. It has given me more confidence and allays my fears concerning the deplorable nature of our contemporary society. The benefits of the redemptive power of Jesus Christ including the atonement of sin through the shedding of blood have given me great hopes. Thank God and blessed be His Holy name. The in-depth knowledge from this course of how the Satan operates has exposed him even further to vulnerability. I have been reminded of various instruments of spiritual warfare and particularly that our weapons are not canal but spiritual through pulling down of stronghold. Therefore I have to put on the whole amour of God.
  Essentially, more than before, the need to lead a Holy life is indispensable in order to benefit and be assured of victory over Satan on a continuous basis.
  The facts to which I have been exposed to during this course has motivated me to be a better Christian as I now know more about our common enemy. This is going to propel me to do great things for God and serve him better. I feel wanted to be used by God in several ways i.e. Evangelism, so as to bring more people to the saving Grace of God and to create consciousness in believers their God-given potential to resist Satan through the instrumentality of Redemption and atonement and indeed resurrection is certain.
  Certainly there would be challenges in this journey. It is not easy to live Holy but it is a sine-qua-non i.e. not negotiable because Satan would continually throw challenges especially at believers. 
  No doubt, the knowledge acquired in this course would continually enrich not just me as a beneficiary but the church of God as participants are going back to their various parishes to propagate this knowledge. The Bible says “My people perish for lack of knowledge”.
Our contemporary Christian teachers have a responsibility to disseminate and propagate the information available through this course to their brethren, possibly through the medium of book publications, seminars and encouraging their congregations to attend such courses as at when due.
  I would like to suggest that a course such as strategic spiritual warfare should be taken in about two modules to allow for a better comprehension and assimilations by participants.
I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate our resource person, Pastor Shola Balogun for such a detailed, yet comprehensive manual on such a rather difficult subject. Praise God.


 One of the most fundamental fact about human beings is CHARACTER. Not surprising therefore that God’s investment in a believer must be anchored on the character of that believer, be it a priest or not.
The issues of Holiness also come into significance here.
The totality of one’s personality is his character. Character is the foundation on which anointing is laid. Indeed anointing without character leads to virtual destruction. These and many more facts are some of the facts I learnt at the course.
  The benefits of the course to me are enormous as it challenges me to strife hard to attain a level of anointing comparable to some of the mentioned characters of the Bible. It is almost as if am envious of their attributes. The knowledge of the anointing on the various Men of God propels me to be like them i.e. in character like the obedience and faith of Abraham, the forgiving character of Joseph and the good character of Elisha and David.
  The nature of all the above named Bible character is a motivating factor to be Christ- like. Certainly, the course challenged me as I embark on the journey to be like them. Surely, it will require me to:
(a) Be available to do God’s work
(b) Be ready to take on responsibility to do God’s work and I have the faith that God will see me through and give me the power to achieve his purpose for me in doing Kingdom’s work.
As the saying goes i.e. charity begins at home. The type of character I exhibit will impact not only on my immediate environment such as my wife and children, workers and those around me but also the society at large. Show me your friends and I know who you are.
Those who are placed In position of authority such as our Christian teachers should know that their students and brethren are looking up to them to be Christ- like and any bad characters from them would send a wrong signal of influence.
It is my opinion that the course has been well packaged and delivered.


 I am reminded that the concept of Networking as I know it today has its root at the beginning of creation. So, what is the BIG deal that I cannot make success of it as far as Christendom is concerned?
I have learnt of the essential ingredients that are crucial for Biblical networking. This includes unity. Even Satan is aware of this as he tries to attack and disrupts it. Iron sharpeneth iron, two are better than one. The Bible says that five of you shall chase an hundred, and an hundreds of you shall put ten thousand to flight. God’s words are forever true. There are many benefits derivable from unity as far as networking is concerned I.e. it removes loneliness, provides assistance, easier progress to the top and fruitful evangelism.
  As I operate in my sphere of influence, I should continue to remind myself of the above facts as it affects my secular environment such as in mentoring, business and personal alliances, franchising, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, clubs and societies not forgetting some seemingly Satanic ones such as Lodges and Freemasonry, Fraternities and Confraternities etc.
  Certainly, satanic groups constitute a strong challenge to me and reclaiming the idea of Godly Network from the world is a major goal. This can be achieved by using Christian Network to strengthen the church, re-instituting true love in the church and fulfilling our assignments as “the salt of the earth”. The following well- known media of Christian group can be used as avenue i.e. the church itself, men and women fellowship, church groups, full Gospel Business men’s fellowship and Bible School Class Groups.
Our Modern Christian leaders are better placed to strengthen the above named plans of action in preventing Satan from penetrating Godly networking sphere as he often tries to do via being “wolves in sheep’s clothing”.
  I am very excited about the facts and their arrangement as far as this course is concerned. It only remains for us to implement our strategic plans to continually defeat Satan.


  As they say, change is one thing in life that is CONSTANT. In order word, change is inevitable. In this course, I have been able to appreciate better the reasons why people resist changes and also imbibe some of the principles and theories underlying change especially as a tool for development and increased productivity.
  With the above knowledge and its application to my everyday life, business and church organization, I believe that I am set to experience some phenomenal increased gains.
  As I have been taught at the course, there are challenges entrenched in attempts to effect changes in any setting. These include fear of the unknown, wanting to maintain status quo, inertia and self-interest. I believe that through better education and counseling, it is achievable.
  Our Christian leaders should intensify their efforts in constantly rendering motivational counseling in stressing the need for change as a veritable tool for improved developmental growth and enhanced productivity. They should communicate the change vision.


  The lessons I have learnt in this course are very several and poignant. They are all real and very applicable to the principles and ethics required in the market place. Whatever the case is, the Bible is the basis for all issues no matter their nature and severity although some contemporary issues pose peculiar and serious challenges such as concerning certain scientific developments such as in-vitro fertilization in assisted reproductive technology. The Bible in Psalm 119; 105 says “your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. Rhema concept settles all issues.
  Some other challenges do occur, such as those concerning issues on how to deal with rape and abortion, divorce, employing unbelievers or working for corrupt government. Others are being married to unbelievers, use of medications, stem cell research and dress code. By the Grace of God, I should be able to respond to these issues using the standards set by Christ. After all, I am “the salt of the earth.” the world is waiting for our manifestation as sons of God and light of the world.
  As an operator in the market place at this contemporary time, I recognize that my career and business is a blessing and has a divine purpose (Gen 12:2, Ex. 35:30 – EX. 36:1).
I recognize that my career and business is a means to an end and not the end itself. I accept that it is part of my ministry where I am expected to disciple and offer mentorship to others (matt 28:18-20).
  Not only believers, even our contemporary Christian leaders should learn from the examples of important Bible characters such as Joseph and Daniel who deployed their gifts and stay true to their callings at the appointed times. Of course, they are rewarded at the end with promotions. God will always defend his children who stand up for Him in righteousness.
  In contemporary times, I can illustrate these exemplary attributes of being loyal to the institution and at the same time faithful to God in personalities like Dr. Christopher Kolade, Mr. Onosode and our Vice-President Prof. Osinbajo with such adherence to good ethical practices. God’s children will benefit from promotion, God’s protection, provision and abundant increase. This is based on the Biblical passage Psalm 1:3 – when you serve God in your business, God takes over and cause the business to blossom. “And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruits in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he does shall prosper.
  I could only appreciate the teacher of this course and pray that God Almighty will continually increase him in wisdom and knowledge.


  Biblical foundations – lessons from the creation story. This course gives me a holistic idea of the relevance of God’s vision and the transformations that took place at creation to what has occurred since then until the present times. God has laid the foundations of success for us through what I have learnt of His thought processes and the carefully executed plans he instituted.
  All we have to do really is to follow on the strategic methods God employed at creation i.e. think it out and set goals, have the foresight, plan it, make strategic moves when necessary, partner with others or form alliances and delegate. Then evaluates what is achievable so far, initiate control and when necessary make withdrawals.
  The principle of team work is essential and change is desirable especially when focused. I also learnt about the benefits of reproductive leadership and networking to achieve goals. Perhaps overall, I have come to the realization that imbibing the ideas of the 5 pillars of exemplary leadership will form the basis for replicating what GOD has demonstrated in his vision and transformations at creation up till the time Jesus died and resurrected.
  A major challenge the course has made me to experience is that my approach to executing ideas, my thought processes and indeed the confidence to prosecute plans are going to be modelled along what I have learnt at the course.
Of course this will impact positively on my immediate environment and the society at large. Contemporary Christian leaders should shoulder the responsibility of reproducing the principles above in teaching their brethren so as to teach the young ones and reproduce leaders for future generations along the aforementioned Biblical principles. We need leader who understands the likes of the seven mountains mantle strategy of Government- education, media, economy, family, celebration, religion, and sports.
  For some reasons, I believe this course can be delivered in a more simple format than it is right now, for a better comprehension. However, the course has been an eye-opener concerning a topic about which I have previously held assumptions.


  The problems in the world today are mostly man-made as he has deviated from God’s principles. The problems of failed state, poverty, corruption and diseases are all manifestations of how far man has fallen from God’s standard.
However, God has given us a safety net if only we can abide. We are the salt of the earth. The Great commission is a mandate to rescue us by way of fruitfulness, multiplication, replenishing the earth, subduing it and having dominion over it.
  We are expected to establish God’s Christian culture, values and principles as a gold standard in our ways of life i.e. politics and government, education, business and economy, integrity, media and entertainment and the way we express and practice our culture.
Such reformations have precedence in history as exemplified in
       1. The protestant reformation in Europe, America, Japan and Asia.
       2. The puritans influence in all spheres of life during their times.
Through these principles and taking the messages of the redeeming love of Jesus to the poor and needy people, we would be able to change the world via influence in education, principle of hard-work, time-consciousness, integrity, respect for credit and obligation, the rule of law, payment of taxes and dues to government and of course the rule of fair play.
  Anywhere I go, I should be able to express these values to influence society.
  Today, a few Christian leaders are making efforts to impact poor and needy communities worldwide in line with God’s mandate. It is expected that many more would imbibe these principles as the message of God’s love is being spread to the end of the earth.
  I would like to thank the teacher of this course for some in-depth illustrations in an attempt to communicate the truth and facts of the subject.


  I sincerely felt very humbled at the end of this course as a result of the things I learnt. Suddenly, it seems as if I have just woken up from a deep slumber to the realization of what is expected of me. On the other hand however, I feel excited that I am a partaker of the knowledge so impacted by the course. Carefully assembled, well-arranged and meticulously delivered facts, those are the ways to describe the course content.
  From the introduction, Biblical basis of mentoring, example of mentors in the Old Testament to the Great commission and the analysis of the global view of the 21st Century Church, all these were well dove-tailed into each other. The qualities and roles of a mentor as well as what is expected of the mentorees are well comprehended. Even the strategies to employ in mentoring and doing so the Jesus way were not left out.
 The benefits derivable out of mentoring caught my attention especially. These include:
1.            mentoring help to reproduce one’s self in other leaders thus multiplying the mentors influence
2.            mentoring serves to rescue the perishing and restores hope to the dying and the hopeless.
3.            it helps the fulfillment of purpose and establishment of destiny.
4.            it helps to secure our future (successor generation).
5.            it helps to restore and build confidence in the mentee.
I should not fail to mention the focus on mentoring and the family – A wake up call. The story of Derek Redmond and his father was like “an icing on the cake” in driving home the points.
  Application of the facts so enumerated in the course, no doubt will greatly influence, not only the present day church but also the corporate and family environments.
  There is call to ORDER, to our contemporary Christian leaders to obey concerning raising future generations in our children, wards, church members, followers, subordinates, youths and even our spouses. At the end of this course I feel more blessed and highly favoured.


It is interesting for me to learn and note that indeed Governance and Government has its origin and history since the beginning of creation. Man has in many respects deviated from God’s plan in several ways with respect to governance leading to bad governance, manifesting as corruption in government, failed state, inadequate infrastructure, poor health care services, mass literacy poverty and shortage of housing, water supply and effective communication system. All these, more so with available natural and human resources. 
The Bible says when the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when the wicked man rules, the people groan and sigh. (Rev. 29vs2).
  We are reminded that when the breadwinner of a family dies, sorrow follows.
As a person in his sixties, I have witnessed some heck of governance in this country and feel challenged by this course if only our government and people will hearken to the indicators of good governance. These indicators include:
1. Voice and accountability i.e. the power of our votes in selecting our leaders
2.  Political stability/Absence of violence
3. Effectiveness of government I.e. quality of the civil service and the extent of its independence from political pressures.
4. Regulatory quality
5. Rule of law
6. Control of corruption
  One way I can influence change is to be an effective motivator in making people vote during election. Advocacy in this direction at every opportunity I have is another one. At each occasion, I will stress the fact that without their vote the chain of woeful governance and its consequences would continue.
  Our contemporary Christian leaders would have learnt to incorporate advocacy in this direction as part of their ministry work including at the teen and youth church levels. Although it may have been stressed before, I would reiterate that our leaders should lay more emphasis on the need for Christians to have increased participation in governance at all levels.


Generally speaking, it is neither an easy proposition to build a high impact Church nor manage such a Church. However the Bible says that with God nothing shall be impossible. The course lucidly demonstrated step by step what it takes to achieve what you carefully plan. The course taught me that in life executing plans can be very rough initially but with hard-work, diligence and prayers they are achievable. You have to sow before you reap.
  To build a church for instance and indeed any project, you need to plan (a) the finance (rent or buy), carry people along, initiate a building committee, engage competent professional to manage relevant aspect of the building and fund raising.
  The benefits of such a project include but not limited to (a) increase value or appreciation in value of the edifice even before you finish building (b) increased human value in Christ.
The course has challenged me in many ways particularly when it comes to all others projects such as our private businesses. 
  Such a Church obviously makes bold statements about who you are. It serves as a powerful reminder of what God has done. It gives ability and flexibility to provide a point of contract for those outside the Church. Churches High impacts provide a place for family life to thrive and the bonds of friendships to grow. Some people find it difficult to worship in non-Church environment.
Finally building programmes give Christians an opportunity to become financially involved and to develop good living habit.
  In attempting to embark on a building project it is essential to have God given vision to build. Write down the vision, communicate it and expect some opposition. Start planning and pray without ceasing. Choose your model for the parish and do due diligence before committing funds. Funds can be raised in a variety of ways and they need considerations. With God, nothing shall be impossible (Luke 1:37).


Although, I have been exposed to the concept of evangelism prior to this time, the course however brought out the facts in a totally and comprehensive dimension.
I was very impressed for instance about why we must evangelize i.e. that the Lord commands it, that Jesus died for lost souls, that we now have increasing numbers of sinners and increased level of sin knowing that Death and Judgement are sure and sudden.
  In any case the primary reason for being given the Gift of the Holyspirit is Evangelism of course, the second coming of Jesus Christ is at hand.
It was nice to know the different types of evangelism. Also I was reminded about the qualities of who should evangelize and his/her characteristics. I.e. the person must have the calling, do so with joy and must be thoroughly committed to it. Such a person must be in constant touch with God, knowledgeable in the word and must be prayerful. Evangelism is a command from our Lord, Jesus and therefore naturally constitutes a challenge and it is a must for any true child of God. 
In evangelizing, the dos and dont’s may constitute serious challenge to the inexperienced especially. That is why we need the Holy-spirit to carry it out safely and effectively.
  Our Christian leaders should pay particular attention to these facts and lay emphasis on them for those engaged in evangelizing.
  Important facts to note in Evangelism are: (a) don’t run down the people’s religion and beliefs, rather simply preach the positive truth of the Gospel of Christ and let the Holy-spirit do the rest.
(b) Do not express surprise at their personal matters.
(c) Do not say more than necessary.
(d) Employ a style of evangelism that fits and suits you.
  Perhaps, in the future part of our examination should include practical demonstration of this great subject. For example, each candidate can be made to evangelize another candidate who in this case would pretend to be a non-believer.


Again, I feel excited about learning that there are sounds Biblical basis for emotional issues and that the Bible is a veritable tool and formidable resource as far as counselling is concerned. There is hardly any human issue or need that has no root in the scriptures.
Similarly, solutions to these issues are in abundance in the Bible but the counsellor and the counselee must follow laid down principles and abide by them if results are desired.
  The course content offer profound materials for teaching as both for secular and Biblical-based counselling needs. These includes examples of emotional issue i.e. Anger, depression and grief, anxiety, guilt, suicide, loneliness, forgiveness, envy and low self-esteem. It also taught what could cause these issues such as drug addiction, sex abuse, domestic violence, homosexuality, incest, verbal abuse, discrimination, cheating, divorce and loss.
Biblical counselling is distinct in the sense that, it has its root in the scripture i.e. it is All-round and has wholesome approach. Roman 8, 1:2 with the message that there is now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit? It also emphasizes that the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made us free from the law of sin and death.
  There is a challenge; this challenge is to go out there to help the helpless in offering Biblical counselling to those in need using the right tools and principles. In the process, I believe that more souls would be worn for Christ.
  It is hoped that every church and parish and their leaders should have a well-organized counselling ministry to cater for the need of the church and the society at large. Such a department must have a robust programme for their activities. This should include inviting counseling experts to regularly deliver updates in this very essential topic that will focus on the role of the counsellor, the expectations from the counselee, the How’s of counseling and its DO NOT’S.


I learnt that self-leadership is about self-master, control, restraint, scrutiny and judgement. There are certain benefits of self-leadership. This includes:
(a)Choice which directly impacts how one’s life will turnout. The Bible says “whosoever shall purge himself shall be a vessel unto honour.
(b) Foundation for a victorious Christian life.
(d) Diligence and self-discipline etc.
  I also learnt to leave myself in God’s hand (just like a robot) to be programmed, rather than wanting to do things my own way. Also, that if I am willing to humble myself, God will elevate me.
  I should be a master of my thoughts and dominate them with the word of God. (As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he).  Other benefits I have been able to derive from the course are
(a)  Mastering my tongue (Ecccles 10:12)
(b) Mastering my perspective and altitude
(c) Mastering my actions (1 corr 9:24-26)
(d) Mastering my flesh
(e) Mastering my resources including my TIME
(f) Mastering is also about coming under authority.
  The above facts and knowledge will definitely impact my business, associations and my Christian life tremendously. The overall effect of the above if inculcated, is on character.
Character makes a difference in leadership and leadership makes a difference in outcomes. I know that great challenges require great maturity and character, so God takes the time necessary to develop our character to match the assignment.
  I believe that the course content needs clarity and greater simplicity in order to enhance comprehension and assimilation by the students.


Being a medical consultant, I want to appreciate the efforts of my teacher and resource person for putting the course together so succinctly and made relevant to the scriptures. After all, God performed the first ever surgical operation on Adam in order to create Eve. More than ever before I learnt the relevance of the scripture in our everyday life.
  It is imperative that we should put God first in every one of our daily life endeavours. It is God that gives wisdom, knowledge and power to make wealth. I also learnt that whatever wealth and executive has, it is God’s doing and it is for glorifying God and use it to partner with him in Kingdom business through sowing seeds, tithing, offering first fruits etc.
 We are also reminded to take care of our body, as it is the temple of the Holy Spirit via regular health screen and healthy life styles. The other things that I learnt include Godliness with contentment.
Divine health practice does not preclude you from visiting the Doctors and taking medication. After all, the Lagos University Teaching Hospital LOGO says “We care, God Heals“. Also prevention is better than cure and early visitation to the doctor and diagnosis offer the best chance of cure.
  I do not feel any new challenge throughout this course except to say that I feel renewed strength to continue to advocate the facts and principles outlined above at every opportunity I am presented with i.e. at church seminars and conferences at my work place and the society at large.
Our contemporary Christian leaders should include sense of priority when it comes to dispensing fund for church activities and the medical department should deserve a great preference. Through medical outreaches, souls would be worn, people’s dire need would be met and community health care improved. Medium to Big sized churches should have in-house clinics, manned by volunteer nurses and doctors where possible. After all, our master Jesus Christ has laid the precedence, by going about, healing the sick and attending to all manners of illnesses. In fact, taking a cue from this, there is a no reason why the MEGA churches should not have MOBILE Clinics in reaching out to the health needs of the community.

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