Monday 15 October 2018


Dr. Michael Ogunkoya, MD, The Hope Valley Fertility Clinic
I feel elated each time my patients are assisted to achieve pregnancy. They are always like is this happening to us? I have seen a lot of that. Many will hug me and jump over me. For me for as a doctor, it is also fulfilling. You never can tell how much people go through when they cannot achieve pregnancy on their own. It is such a shameful, distressing thing. We have had patients from overseas coming around and saying that it is absolutely unbelievable. For me, it is just the wonders of technology.

There may be the feeling that the assistance I render is not natural. Consequently, some women may feel ashamed to embrace it, feeling that they cannot conceive on their own. Those who come to me have tried some options before. They have been to religious and traditional homes, seeking help for years. So, for them to come means that they recognize that they need to be assisted. So, there is no shame or bad feeling about it. Besides, there is nothing unnatural or artificial with IVF treatment. It is simply a scientific method of achieving pregnancy practiced worldwide. We do not introduce anything other than sperms and egg, which are produced by the couples together. We simply monitor the mixture and ensure it forms pregnancy with technological devices. I think awareness has been poor and this is why many people do not know what it is all about.

The cultural and religious perceptions that seeking assisted-conception is out of place is a matter of ignorance. If you are not challenged, you can sneer at those who seek help. But when it is you, wouldn’t you seek help where it is available. There are pastors who will say that only God gives children and I agree perfectly. But, we have pastors attending our clinic and getting help. The only way we can continue to convince people is to continue to talk about it and make them realize that the process is as natural as scientific. Babies who come naturally are not different from the ones that come through assisted-conception. Those who were born through IVF now have children of their own. The babies do well and are not any less. Scientists have measured the intelligence quotients of IVF babies and found out that they are not lacking in any way. So, what we do for couples here is to offer customized services that will maximize their chances of conception.

Do you have issues or delay in getting pregnant? Contact the best fertility specialist in Nigeria, Dr. Michael Ogunkoya (+2348033069466) for counseling. He was trained in the best medical schools in USA, London, Canada, Wales and Hungary. Dr. Ogunkoya is the man that has the divine mandate to stamp-out childlessness among Nigerian couples. He is the medical director of The Hope Valley Fertility Clinic.
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