Tuesday 2 October 2018


The Hope Valley Fertility Clinic Limited was set up and is being managed in collaboration with a team of British Fertility experts from a leading London Teaching Hospital. 

  1. Professor Ovrang Djahanbakheh, a professor of reproductive medicine and a luminary in assisted reproductive technology of St. Bartholomew Hospital, University of London – Clinical Head.
  2. Miss Pamela Turner – Chief Scientist / Embryologist

Both of them, apart from establishing the bridge Centre fertility unit in London some 18 years ago, have undertaken similar collaborative ventures in other countries i.e. Yugoslavia, Italy, Kuwait, Greece, and Turkey.

We, at The Hope Valley Fertility Clinic Limited, understand the anguish and frustration of childlessness. In reference to our popular quote “childlessness matters, in fact it is a big deal” we have put in place the wherewithal (equipment and manpower) to give hope to sub-fertile couples at a competitive cost while assuring them a success rate comparable to similar centres anywhere in the world.

We urge you to take this also as an invitation to come to our centre to meet our team, discuss with our experts and see our equipment and laboratory to assure you of the calibre of our resources thus buttressing our claim to seriousness.

You are welcome to accompany your referred patients at their ultrasonographic, egg retrieval and embryo transfer sessions. We will be delighted of course to have you around to observe their intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) when indicated.

Also I envisage that our relationship with you/ your esteemed establishment will blossom into a clinical one that will be mutually beneficial.

Let The Hope Valley Fertility Clinic assist your patients in conceiving a well-deserved hope.

Thank you.

Managing Director / CEO   

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