Friday, 1 May 2020


Chief Dr. Sam Maduka Onyishi
Enugu Journalist, an Enugu-based news reporting platform, has called out the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Peace Mass Transit Limited, Chief Dr. Sam Maduka Onyishi, for his failure give his drivers Covid-19 lockdown palliative packages.

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Enugu Journalist made this post today, May 1, 2020 on their Facebook Page with the photograph of Chief Onyishi. According to them, “This is SAM MMADUKA ONYISHI, the CEO, Peace Mass Transit. Whoever he is today, it's made possible through the labour and toilings of his workers, his drivers and other employees. He quite know that most of those his workers depend on their daily wages for the survival of their families.

“There has been lockdown in this country for over a month and his drivers have submitted their various vehicles. The CEO of Peace Mass Transit has never deem it necessary to send any palliatives even if it's N5000 to his workers that battle it everyday with other companies to see that his economic empire is established. I think this is sheer wickedness and selfishness.”

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Not long after their Facebook post, comment started coming from concerned Nigerians. Some of them supported Enugu Journalist whereas a good number of them condemned the post.

A certain Ifeanyi Arthur Edeh commented, “Point of correction! You should be talking about the drivers giving palliatives to the poor and less privilege! Dr. Sam Maduka Onyishi have no blame at all, if he didn't do anything for his drivers. Those drivers are making a lot of money.”

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Francis Uchenna commented, “Must he go to the media if he wants to help his drivers? As a good businessman, he knows how to make he's worker's fill good. Know that there is nothing you will do to please everyone. Chief Maduka Onyeishi is a good man to me.”

Nwaora Emmanuel commented, “Oga make inquiries. Peace maduka onyishi gave out money to all this workers down to the last person and he still paying his workers uptill date. Make your research.”

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