Wednesday, 13 May 2020


The Hebrew Kabala or science of the prophets is a book containing the ancient mysteries known only to ancient tribes of old. It was written in such a way that even if the book comes into underserving hands, the secrets would not be evident. In other words, it was written quite esoterically. The average man sees it only as a collection of riddles.

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Today, the secret of the Kabala are now being revealed. Mankind is ready to use the power of metaphysics. Mysterious power and secret science are words often applied to the Kabala but gradually, the secret are being decoded and the mysteries are being understood.

The methods of the Kabala often use mental images in form of pictorial signs and symbols. These ancient diagrams still retain the power originally invested in them by the mental imaging that created them. Use this diagram today and you will perform creative acts which defy explanation. The Solomon’s seal has the power to bring two things together i.e. people. The power of the seal goes back thousands of years which seem like the dim, dim past o us but in reality is but a second in the history of creation.

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Are you yearning to be with a certain person for a particular reason? Would you like to have that person drawn to your side as if by some unseen power? The Solomon seal will help you to do it. The seal will not control the person, but will facilitate to bring the person to you. It can only send an irresistible attractive force to bring you together.

Here is how to use Solomon seal o attract somebody to your side:
1.      Trace the seal onto a peace of white paper.
2.      Obtain a photo of the person or make a sketch which represents that person.
3.      Go into deep meditation, feel great respect for the power of the seal.
4.       While in meditation, place the seal together with the picture, face to face, feeling part of the person in the sketch of picture.
5.      End the session.
6.      Keep the seal and picture with you wherever you go, still face to face, and under your pillow at night until the two of you meet.

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Before you actually perform this powerful metaphysical act, let us give you some further help. When tracing the seal, if emotional needs are the motive for wanting to be with the person, use a red crayon or pen. If the motive is intellectual, use yellow as tracing colour. If the motive is money or health, use green. If it is spiritual motive, use blue.

As you trace, feel that your own consciousness is at work. Be aware of the sanctity of the seal you are creating. Fill your consciousness adding energy to the already powerful design. As soon as it is achieved, burn the seal.

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