Friday, 15 May 2020


Chief Ugwokeh Nnaemeka, Real Estate Billionaire
Folks, how are you doing? I am Chief Ugwokeh Nnaemeka, a real estate billionaire and Chief Executive Officer of Tectono Ventures Limited. Yes, nature expresses abundance through me and my company. I always open myself to the flow of opportunities and wealth. Om… Om… Om.

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Folks, whatever you think of yourself is what you are. As a man thinks, so he is. Are you aware that self-image prescribes the limit for the accomplishment of any particular goal such as business or career success? If you think of yourself as a failure, it will be registered in your subconscious mind and anything you lay your hands on must fail. Yes, if you continue to feed your subconscious mind the information and data to the effect that you are unworthy, inferior, underserving, incapable, this data is processed and stored in your memory which will be used in responding to current situation.  

To buttress these assertions, let us get inside Chika’s head and listen to his thoughts about himself. Chika is managing with a job. To him, N1,000 must last for him through the weekend. “I will avoid my girlfriend this weekend because I cannot keep my promise to her. I will also stay out until the landlord goes to bed. Life is very difficult,” he thinks.

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Let us also get inside Kalu’s head to listen to his thought. Kalu is doing well in his job. “I have to change my bankers and get better interest rate. I will give my babe a car for her birthday. I hope to visit Obudu Resort,” he thinks.

As we can see, the pictures in Chika’s head are not free and are false. Those pictures are costing him a fortune. It is the same kind of fortune that Kalu is enjoying. Well, you may argue that Chika and Kalu are both picturing what they already have. That may be true, but the picture comes first. The picture is yours. You can have all the pictures of abundance you can imagine.

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In case you are in Chika’s shoes, this is what the metaphysicians recommend that you do.
1.      Memorize this affirmation, “Nature expresses abundance through me. I aopen myself to the flow of opportunities and wealth. Om… Om… Om.” (The Om here is pronounced as ‘home’)
2.      Relax and picture yourself as wealthy. Let the pictures of big office, fleet of exotic vehicles, properties in choice cities in the world, multibillionaire investments and happy home flow through your mind, reflecting dreams come true.
End by repeating the words you memorized in (1) three times. The effect of the OM on you is to open you to the universe. You become more aligned with universal flows of all kinds. The most important thing is the image of things in your mind.

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