Tuesday, 5 May 2020


Alexa is a voice service system that receives a voice-controlled command, interprets it, and sends the interpreted command, to the appropriate device for action. You might wonder how this can combat the present crisis. Well it's easy. Alexa receives voice control command and this simply means it can be told what to do. Alexa over the years has been integrated into security systems like the intrusion systems.

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This smart assistant can be used by the elderly for easier accessibility and by people with special needs, like the visually impaired, who can struggle to use mobile and screen-based devices and instead rely on voice assistants.

The CORONA VIRUS survives 72 hours on plastics and steel, less than 4 hours on copper and less than 24 hours on cardboard, but with Alexa you no longer need to have contact with certain surfaces prone to contact, knowing less contact with surfaces reduces your chances of contracting the Coronavirus.

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Alexa gives you access to control your lights, air conditions, blinds, switches even your doors and so many more without actually touching them or their controls, all you need to do is give the command to Alexa to help you do it and automatically it is done.

Control the security of your home or office with Alexa, go touchless with Alexa, and protect yourself from COVID-19.

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28, Samuel Awoniyi Street, Off Salvation Road, Opebi Ikeja, Lagos.

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