Tuesday, 12 May 2020


Chief Dr. Emeka Okonkwo (E-Money)
Hmmm!!!! Who is after E-Money? Enemies of progress have started again. Tectono Business Review gathered that the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, has ordered the probe of the founder of Five Star Music Limited, Chief Dr. Emeka Okonkwo (E-Money), over what he termed E-Money’s flamboyant lifestyle and flagrant abuse of police escorts. One begins to wonder if it is now a sin to showcase wealth given to an individual by God as blessings from his many years of laboring.

E-Money, who recently got an honorary doctorate degree from the European-American University, is being accused of using policemen like domestic servants. Consequently, an order was immediately issued to the Lagos State Police Command to withdraw the six policemen attached to the billionaire businessman. Let’s say the truth. If the police are well taken care of, none of them would choose to be a domestic servant to anybody. Are you aware that what those policemen attached to E-Money make in a month is six times more than what their contemporaries make? What do you expect them to do? Why will hey not even wash plates for their boss so that extra cash will drop?

The funny thing here is that the IG was surprised that policemen were attached to the Five Star Music boss in the first place and were being used like domestic servants, carrying umbrellas, opening doors, and doing menial jobs for him. This is very difficult to believe. Who assigned them to the billionaire?

Is it now a crime to have two Rolls Royce, two Mercedes Benz G Wagons and other Sports Utility Vehicles worth billions of naira? Seeing E-Money on social media shaking hands with Very Important Persons including governors, senators, monarchs, ministers, and other top government officials is not a misdemeanor.

The probe into E-Money comes less than a year after that of an Instagram celebrity, Ismaila Mustapha (Mompha), who was also known to show off his ostentatious lifestyle on social media. We gathered that very soon, more social media celebs which are on the radar of the police and other law enforcement agencies will be investigated.

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