Saturday, 9 May 2020


There are several methods of putting energy of consciousness to practical use. Charms and incantations are some of them. Ancient metaphysicians understand energy beyond the barrier of physical reality. Today, our term of energy is enclosed within the physical plane of existence. The ancient extends theirs into the subjective planes. By a system of miming, they are able to emotionally create charge through chanting and dancing.

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If you have not been trained in this strange secret of building energy of consciousness, you will look down at these ancient metaphysical rituals as superstitions. There is connection between the dramatic gesticulation and genuflection of the metaphysician movement, in trance like fashion and materialization of goals. Through the force of will, the metaphysician is able to beam the image in his consciousness on an object impregnating the object with intended conditions.

Many charms and incantations go even further than the power of your consciousness when you use them. Suppose you were walking along the sidewalk and somebody called you by name. You look but did not recognize the person. Calling you by name again, he asked, “Can you help me put this package in my car?” certainly, you would walk over to help. You would be drawn to do so. You might be drawn out of curiosity, out of vanity or out of compassion. It does not really matter. What matters is that you are drawn.

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Ancient charms and incantations are like calling someone’s name. Here, we did not say “Somebody,” we said “someone.” That is because the ancient sounds and symbols are like calling the names of consciousness no longer in the body. The second law of thermodynamics says that energy is never destroyed. It merely changes in form. The energy of your consciousness can never die. Your body may no longer be an adequate hoe or vehicle for your consciousness, but your energy of consciousness does not die.

It is the combined energies of certain consciousness that are called when you use an old incantation or charm. They come to your aid. It does not matter if you need help in lifting a package into your car or attracting good fortune to your side. You call these energies to your support when you recite something that is quite familiar to them or perform a ritual used thousands of times in the past and to which they respond. It is like calling their names.

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Charms are symbolic objects representing ideal force. It may be an ordinary walking stick inherited from your father or a broom collected from your grandmother’s kitchen. Whatever is the object must be linked to an idea. The inherent personality of this ideal force can be awakened by sympathy or empathy, hatred, jealousy or anger.

Incantations are words of law arranged to awaken certain effect in consciousness. Their meanings are sacred and sanctified. Incantations help to awaken the latent force in a charm. As we have said, anything can be a charm. So, make your own charm today. Sacred verses can function as incantations like biblical verses or Ifa verses etc.

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