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Metaphysical powers are not acquired by believing or reading enormous documents on the subject, but by indulging in the practicing prescribed instructions that aids in developing the mind. Studying a text is only the beginning, the discipline of mind is paramount and the control of mind is the element that finally produces the powers.

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The methods of acquiring these powers are simple in such a way that you can grasp intellectually in seconds. The beginning is a two-step method of relaxation and imagining. The word relaxation and imagining may sound familiar but in practice, one will need a lot of efforts to attain them. It is also referred to as meditation and visualization.

Now as you learn this, be careful what you visualize for you are going to get it. It is one of the most awesome secret ever withheld from mankind. You are going to be responsible with it from now on. In this method of relaxation that is referred to as meditation, the mind is guided in concentration to one thing in contemplation musing on it continually with assurance. When the imaging (visualization) of the thing in question is joined into the contemplation, then one is in meditation.

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When we meditate, we direct our attention within centering ourselves through concentration in order to alter our state of consciousness. In visualization, we are able to associate or add pictures to our concepts or desires.

Begin with a series of rhythmic breathing. Follow your breathing as if you are counting it. Continue until you feel a calm start to set in. Persist in this for some minutes until you are deeply relaxed. Deep relaxation is an aware state. In this state, one seems to be having the experience of dreaming. It is a metaphysical state. In this state, the mind can transcend time and space. People become psychic in this state, enabling hem see into future, over long distance and even to the past.

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This is where the visualization comes in. In your imagination, see the picture of the condition you are meditating on. See it in action and let it appear as a film or drama before your eyes. Remain in this state for about three minutes. Emphasize in words that you want that condition in the picture to materialization for you. End it and walk away.

Choose specific time in the day to repeat it and do it constantly for a period of time. Then watch it happen like a miracle. For instance, you can do it for a period of seven days.

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Get good money
This is how to use these steps to improve your luck. The metaphysician, Robert Stone, recommended the following steps to his students at the University of Hawaii. We have also found it to be of tremendous advantage.

According to him, everybody can use better luck. If you want to improve your luck, relax and visualize in this special way.
1.      Sit in a straight back chair.
2.      Sigh deeply as you do when you let go the end of the day.
3.      Close your eyes and go into meditation.
4.      Imagine you are at a carnival. You see the name as you enter “Carnival of Life”
5.      You see yourself win gifts of your choice in the carnival. The carnival is like the church bazaar where gifts are won.
6.      You look at the date on a nearby calendar (still in yours imagination), it reads the date of your choice.
7.      You leave the carnival loaded with lucky prizes and notice the sign again as you leave “Carnival of Life.”
8.      Take in a deep breath and return to consciousness saying, “So must it be.”

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If you are not ready for this good luck exercise, please do not do it out of curiosity. It is important that one is ready in consciousness. Choose your gifts and date carefully for it will manifest like a miracle.  

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