Friday, 8 May 2020


Treasure Emmanuel
Treasure Emmanuel is a very charming and alluring upcoming actress we admire so much. In addition to being exceedingly beautiful, she is very intelligent. The crew of Tectono Business Review came across her in Abuja and she poured out her heart on her future plans in the movie industry. Relax and enjoy it.

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Readers of Tectono Business Review all over the world would like to know who this very charming and alluring lady is. Could you please tell us about yourself?
My name is Treasure Emanuel. I am from Cross-River State. I am a simple and determine person and I work hard to get what I want no matter what it takes. I am based in Abuja with my mum and siblings.
Good to know that. Which schools did you attend and what do you do currently?
Currently, I am an undergraduate of the University of Calabar (UNICAL).
Very beautiful ladies like you have a lot of plans and ambitions after graduation. Could you tell us about them?
I want to be a famous movie star.
Wow!!!!! That's very good. Does what you are studying in school have anything to do with acting?
There are many people in Nigeria today that have been aiming and working very hard to make it in nollywood without success. How are you planning to achieve your aim?
I will work hard to do it, and be myself.
Treasure, we must confess that you are exceedingly and extraordinarily beautiful. Anyone that sees you will think that you are an angel that just came down from heaven. Tell us the secret behind your amazing beauty.
My mom

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Really? Tell us about your mum.
She's the best. My mom is so sweet and loving. She cares about everybody, she's funny, she's entertaining, and she’s hard working and caring. She doesn't let people down, she's a good woman and will do anything to take her children to school. I can't imagine i have a mother like her, am so lucky.
Wow!!! Good to hear that. Do you imply that you got your radiating and sparkling beauty from your mum? How beautiful is she?
Her beauty is beyond explanation.
That means that she is even more beautiful than you are.
We would like to see her someday.
Okay, that will be nice.
Treasure, as a very beautiful lady, it is very natural that all kinds of guys will be running after you. How do you handle their advances?
(Smiles) I demand so much money from them and then they will run away.
Is it that once a guy approaches you seeking relationship with you, you demand huge amount of money from him or how do you do it?
For now, I am not ready for any relationship. So, I will tell him I have a boyfriend, but if he still insists, I will teach him a good lesson.

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Are you telling us that you are not in any relationship currently?
Yes, I am not currently in any relationship.
Our readers all over the world would like to know the qualities a guy must have before you date or marry him.
Any guy I will date or marry must be open minded, kind-hearted, trustworthy, loving, understanding, God-fearing, educated, determined, hardworking and honest.
Is there anything you do not like in the movie industry that you would like to change?
What about sexual harassment? So many movie producers are sexually harassing female new entrants before giving them any role. How will you handle this?
Hmmm!!! That's a hard one. It's better not to act that movie. I will never sleep with any movie producer for a movie role.
Have you been toasted by any lecturer in your school?
Really? Could you tell us how it happened?
The lecturer saw me on my way to attend a class and called me. So I went and he asked me where I was going and I told him and he said after the class I should come and see him. I told my friend about it and she told me that I was in a big trouble. I was scared because I knew what she was talking about. After class, I went to him in his office and he said I should sit and I did. Then, he asked me my name and i told him. Then, he told me that I was very beautiful and that he wanted me to be his girlfriend and that he will make me pass. I was shocked and scared, but I was strong inside. Then he asked my opinion towards it and I told him that I was too young. He later said no problem with that and that if I accept him, he would take good care of me. I smiled and said no to his face. Then, he got angry and told me that I was going to regret this for the rest of my life. I boldly told him that I won't be his girlfriend and I left, but recorded everything just as my friend asked me to do.
Really? Did he victimize you afterwards?

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Anything I want from him he will do it because am still having the record of our conversation in his office. So, he has been always very careful with me.
How did he know that you recorded your conversation with him?
After everything, the next day I sent the recorded tape to him and he pleaded with me not to tell anyone and that he will do anything I said.
Wow!!! Finally, do you have any word for your fans out there reading this interview?
Yeah. They are all the best I have got and I am thankful to them.
It is a pleasure speaking with the crew of Tectono Business Review. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours.
Thanks a lot.
Treasure Emmanuel

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