Tuesday, 5 January 2021


Adam Nuhu, FCMB erstwhile CEO

Peter Agba Kalu


Now that Adam Nuhu has been asked to step aside by FCMB, those of you claiming nothing will happen, he did no wrong, the woman (Moyo Thomas) is the devil, there is no evidence, everybody does that, did he rape her, bla bla bla bla....should now have a better understanding that the argument was never about if they consented to have an affair or not.


The argument isn't about the fact that they are both consenting adults who can have intimate affair. It is about ethics. If banks can deny husband and wife from working in same bank for ethical purposes, that depositors fund may be safe in case of clinical connivance to defraud the bank, then the CEO having an amorous affair with his subordinate staff whom he had official influences on, has out-rightly opened the bank vaults for his concubine to manipulate organisational decisions and perpetrate possible fraud.


I am not a saint but common sense shouldn't make us support what is purely an unethical conduct. The case of Nuhu and Moyo is unarguably one. My take on this issue is that both Adamu Nuhu, the CEO and Mrs Moyo Thomas are employees who are bound by strict ethical codes including what they secretly did, now in the open and for which both have received public opprobrium. The banks image, corporate and in individual minds, has dwindled in just few days of the let out of the scandal.


Today, on the opening of trading, at the stock market, first time in 2021, the FCMB's stock was reported to have suffered 9.91% decline on the bourse. That's the moral implication; the ethical consequence that the two 'supposed adults' who betrayed their employers 'ethical rules' caused for a performing bank.


Thank you FCMB for asking Adam Nuhu to go. Those ladies their managers/bosses refused to promote even when due because they did not open their legs can now have their careers blossom. They have outlived the evil that kept them crying without anyone to tell including their husbands and boyfriends. They've cried enough. I am sorry if my stand on this unethical conduct offends you. You probably don't know my worry and information at my disposal. You also don't know many of the women within the banking sector heaved a sigh of relieve that the evil practice of sexual harassment at FCMB and the entire banking sector will finally get some attention.

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