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picture of god

There are the 72 arrangement of this letters in 3 letter combination that answers to different kinds of problems. It is the power of Exodus 14: 19-21. When using them in prayer, you first of all meditate on this chapter and be in empathy and sympathy with it. It is very efficacious. One of such combination answereth to Noah's situation by an ark is constructed for one on the spiritual plane. The ark (Gen 6: 15)-300, 50, 30. Returning this to letters is Shin, Nun, Lamed. There are 71 others used in several situations.


There is also four letters configuration from which the name JEHOVA appeared as YHVH. Also the name YEHESHUAH(Jesus) appears INRI. There are several other configuration in four letter not know to the ordinary public which is as well very potent in spiritual encounter. This configuration YHVH and INRI have special special ritual arrangements.


It is also stipulated by this utterances that God must be created first as the impetus to any further creation. On this line all the letters presented themselves asking to be the first being to use to open creation. After considering all the letters, Beth was chosen as the starting point of creation because it said that, it is the benediction and praise given unto God both high and below. Beth means "house", and that means the praise builds an emergency house for God to dwell in a prayer. This therefore means that in spiritual work we must start by invoking the image of God through praise and benediction. Some songs and chants can do this well.


ADONAI (ADNI) - Aleph, Daleth, Nun, Yod is a holy name of God of the earth. It is call the opener of all things. When ones seeks an opening, use this name according to its numerical power. It is called the Gate. When we want to invoke the Rainbow of promise, after reading the law from Genesis 9:11-16, you meditate on the letters Tau, Qoph(koph) and Shin. And then invoke the promise. Finally, the 22 sound of the Hebrew letters are the foundation of all things. They are so functioning in all languages. They are powers in the universe.



Aleph- 1

Beth- 2

Gimel - 3

Daleth- 4

He -5

Vau - 6

Zain- 7



Yod - 10


Lamed- 30

Mem - 40

Nun- 50

Sameck - 60

Ayin - 70


Tzaddi 90


Resh- 200

Shin- 300

Tau - 400

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