Saturday, 9 January 2021


bag of money

Chuks Ihekwoba


Sometime in 2018, a client paid 3 million naira into my account around 12 pm on that faithful day for land purchase. Unfortunately, around 4pm, the news came to me as a rude shock in the office that he was dead because he had an inherited  recurrent ill health challenge.


That is not even the problem here. Around 6pm, his girlfriend supposedly his fiance, stampeded me with cult boys to transfer the money to one of the boys. I showed them the debit that I paid the money immediately to the land saler. God saved me, they didn't hurt me. It didn't take much time, she started dating another abroad client of mine. The second guy introduced her to me. I told him, he should date her for fun, but as for marriage, na danger zone.


He didn't marry her but they clubbed, drank wines and beers, flexed and it ended.  My guy told me, he confirmed what I told him when the girl started making him to quarrel with his parents, he doesn't go home again and he started getting threats from some calls that he should keep money somewhere for them or they will kidnap him.


Last year, the girl was arrested with some kidnappers and armed robbers. She gives them information on rich guys around, she picks money for them and also provides account. I was reliably informed by SARS authorities that they were killed two days after their arrest and confession!!! This woman and man race, make we get conscience!!! 

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