Friday, 29 January 2021


An Abuja big babe, Oluchi Omeje, has condemned the popular Stingy Women Association of Nigeria (SWAN) and its logo. According to the super-big babe, the logo is a slap on her face owing to the fact that it shows sex as the only thing a woman can offer to a man in a relationship.


The clearly miffed lady, who wrote on her Facebook page, said, “Stingy women association, I love this association. In fact, I wanted to be the chairlady but, you see this logo of it, it's an insult to me. I used to get angry when guys were saying that ladies have nothing to offer in a relationship apart from sex. I felt insulted hearing such statement I considered degrading, but the recent development seems to prove the guys right. Men formed 'The Stingy Men Association' and we formed ours which I consider the right thing.


“What baffles me in this logo, the stingy women association logo is does it mean that truly there's nothing else women can be stingy with apart from sex? Gush! What an insult to womanhood. And the funny thing is that those claiming to have closed their legs enjoy the act more and the annoying thing, those shouting 'stingy women association " are the single ladies whose legs ought to be closed under normal circumstances.


“With this logo, I just feel ashamed being associated with this association and I hereby dissociate myself. I am not a sex toy, I have a lot to offer than sex that is a consensual act and enjoyed by the two parties involved. Inasmuch as I am enjoying this whole joke, I feel demeaned being associated with what this association stands for.”

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