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It will be very instructive to start this study of the Kabbalah with the premise of John 1: 1-5: 
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God, and all things were made by it, and without it nothing was made. In it was life, the life was the light of men. And the light shines in darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not".


I would want each of you to meditate on the meaning: the logic and mathematics of God. What is the implication of this verse? Ask yourself. In a nutshell, the verse maintains that the Word is equal to God (Word=God and God=Word). When it said the Word shines in darkness, and darkness comprehended it not. It means processors of the Word are ignorant of it.


Words are the expression of mind. Words comprise alphabets. These alphabets are said to be divine beings. Each letter has number equivalent and has also a meaning.

Aleph 1(Ox)

Beth 2 (House)

Gimel 3 (Camel)

Daleth 4 (Door)

He 5 (Window)

Vau(O,U,V)-6 (Pin or hook)

Zain- 7 (sword or armour)

Cheth-8 (fence or enclosure)

Teth - 9 (snake)

Yod(I,J,Y)-10 (Hand)


Lamed 12(ox goad)

Mem 13 (water)

Nun 14 (fish)

Sameck 15(Prop)

Ayin- 16 (eyes)

Pe -17(mouth)

Tzaddi 18(fishhook)


Resh- 20(Head)


Tau-22 (cross)


This letters are twenty two in total and constitute sounds that combined in the mouth of God to usher creation. In which case if one knows some certain combination of these alphabets one can do some certain exploits. These alphabets are in control of the seven mortal conditions of man:

Life and Death

Peace and War

Wisdom and Folly

Riches and Poverty

 Grade and Indignity

Fertility and Bareness

Power and Servitude


This Word is connected with number equivalent. Gematria is a way by which numerical value of a word, links that word with others of the same value. For example the Hebrew word Achd-unity(1+8+4)=13 and Ahbh- love(1+5+3+5)=13. This fact indicates that, the nature of unity is love. Now the most holy of name God JEHOVA (YHVH) = (10+5+6+5)=26. Therefore meaning JEHOVA is unity manifested in duality or that Jehovah is unity and love.


There are two other methods of manipulating words- Notarikon and Temurah. They don't apply to our purpose here. Our purpose is basically not theoretical but practical spirituality. So we shall be concern on how the 22 alphabets are manipulated to enhance our life purposes spiritually.


These letters can as well be manipulated in two other ways: Temurah and Notarikon. Temurah allows letters to be transposed in special way in a word. And Notarikon is the use of letters of a word as the initial letter of other phrases. In this way, the letters are able to be manipulated as fundamental power base.

"Subrosa Arrangement"


When you are passing through the dark night of the soul and things are upside, and confuse. To find your way back you follow this arrangement in prayer.




4 Cheth

5 Teth

6 Yod

7 Lamed

8 Nun

9 Sameck

10 Ain

11 Tzaddi

12 Koph _

13 Peh

14 Resh

15 Beth

16 Daleth

17 Gimel

18 Caph

19 Tau _

20 Aleph

21 Mem

22 Shin_


Use King James version of the bible, and arrange Psalm 119 in this order in your prayers. Sound the letters as password before reading the verse. 3:00 am is very special for it. 7 times is appropriate numbers- 7days, 7times a day, 7weeks etc.

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