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Dr. Nnanna Odim Kalu

Adam and Eve are a kind of anagram; a representational name and concept. In its kabalistic form it is written ADM, here it means the entire humanity Male and female. As Adam, it conceptually represents tradition, staticity and fixation. Also it is a reference for the Male being. Eve conceptually represents change, flux and instability, and also as a reference to the female.


As ADM its numerology is 144 which when added together is 9. Adam and Eve are two elements in humanity behind every form of reality. That is the relationship between fixation and change. It is the lessons behind it the story of Eden was to teach you. Adam is the fixated, tradition bound and static mind. Eve is the open minded, ready to try anything, changing, unstable and easy to convince mind. These two elements are the foundation of any union, society, community, family etc.,(Eden).


The changing and easy to convince elements are the ones who normally moves against the norm and confronts an experience with its consequences. Being against the norm they hide their experience and try to convert their experience to the norm by roping others. The static and fixated personality behaves as if what is happening does not concern him "see no evil, hear no evil" until it is up to his throat. Adam is the personality who is at the center of a condition without knowledge of its composition due to attachment to a traditional way.


Eve is that personality that tries out anything sometimes learning and sometimes making a great loss and blunder due to instability of mind. So when Eve introduced Adam to the idea, she had already learnt her lesson and come off it. At the point of introducing Adam to the fruits, she was no more naked for she has learnt her lessons. Remember they were told whosover ate it would die. She didn't die and so came to the understanding before introducing Adam. Adam was more comfortable with his tradition until he tried a new thing (the fruit) and exposed his stupidity. His fixation never allowed him to look up and mark out the fruit, if not he would have noted the fruit before eating. This is the problem of dogmatism. That sudden awareness of foolishness is what the bible called "nakedness". That hiding is the shame that goes along with the discovery of ones foolishness. That is the history of every man and woman in humanity forever. It is not a condemnation but the only way humanity would take in their journey to fine purpose in life.


To do this we must be partly Adam and partly Eve to overcome the vagaries of this tribulation. At the end we shall all find purpose in life, if we are able to find our foolishness and accept to move on. So the book of Revelation was able to note those who overcome this tribulation that they are 144000 (ADM) of the house of the Vanquisher.


The Vanquisher was made popular by Jacob. It is the spiritual principles of rejection- rejecting a supposed inherited condition. Abram and Isaac were earlier sample of it. Abram rejected a cultural inheritance of offering his son for sacrifice. Isaac rejected a family inheritance to die by sacrifice. Jacob rejected an interpretation that a difference in time could deny someone his inheritance. So he snatched it by force and faced the consequences. The house of the Vanquisher therefore means a group of people who has attained and acquired such consciousness of rejection. That is what the Center is to instill in you by these studies.


The numerology 144 is a numerical representation of the word Adam. As I have said earlier Adam refers in certain sense to the Male and in the other sense to humanity. In Jewish writing as humanity it is written ADM and when you put number equivalents, you will see the point. As ADM it means humanity male and female. 144000 of the house of the Vanquisher refers to a special group or class of people out of the rest of humanity whose consciousness has been raise to that degree. 

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