Wednesday, 10 February 2021



That bloody beast, you claim that you obtained a Masters’ Degree and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from Fordamn University, United Kingdom. This claim is very difficult to believe because you behave like someone who has never left Yoruba land.

Are you among those people that passed through the universities without the universities passing through them? We cannot believe that you have spent some years in UK and you still have outlandish and antiquated Yoruba mentality.


The essence of education is character building. Information at our disposal has it that Fordamn University is a world-class faith-based institution and anybody who has passed through such a glorious university is expected to be a reference point in terms of morality. You make anyone who associate with you believe that priesthood is not a calling, but a profession just like any profession many people go into.


You are very wicked, unreasonable, selfish, inhuman and sexually promiscuous. Why must you treat people working with you the way destitute are treated? Why must you pay them peanuts while you spend huge amount of money on a certain good-for-nothing lady just because you cannot do without fornication? We have got a lot of questions to ask the umbrella body you are under. This is a man who does everything he preaches against. We hereby call on Fordamn University to withdraw the certificates awarded to this bastard. 

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