Monday, 15 February 2021


Throughout 2020, we took on several projects from Films, documentaries, animated music videos, infographics videos, TV commercials, corporate videos and other forms of content. So we can say that despite 2020 been a challenging year because of COVID, we were able to deliver to our clients.


A project we were really proud of that we did in the latter end of the year was a documentary for Geely Motors' launch in Nigeria. We made sure we executed the idea to create visuals that were world standard. We hope to work on several more projects this year and you might just be our new client. Be sure to say hi, and talk to us about your content goals.


You can send an email to or visit our website at If you are on IG, send a DM to @jinglanationstudios, hope to hear from you.



24 Olatilewa street

Surulere 100211


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