Tuesday, 23 February 2021


In Ikoyi, there continues to be a rise in home owners seeking to invest in Apartments or other property types such as Terraces, Townhouses, Duplexes and (on the odd occasion even Detached homes) within a communal setting. This Residential trend is here to stay mainly as a result of the cost of land in Ikoyi, and because many investors are at the empty nest stage and requiring less space but enhanced lifestyle.


Here are 5 Key Considerations that Developers need to factor into designing and delivering New Homes.

Good Standards and Quality that can be trusted: The more reputable the contractor, the more confident buyers are.

Safety and Security of life and property: Buyers are more sensitive of being safe from external security threats and need to see that security has been well thought through. Community and Connection with other home owners with elements of privacy integral to the design.

Convenience: Ease of accomplishing their life and work goals with as facilities and services at their doorstep or fingertips. Concierge and lifestyle services are becoming standard expectation.

A Sense of Well Being and Good Health: Properties that take into account how to enhance the quality of living, wellbeing and health of its residents will score big points. Top quality well fitted Gyms, relevant sporting facilities, Spas, Residents Lounges| and well curated lifestyle spaces are a few of the features of the properties currently on offer in our Residential Portfolio including 

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