Tuesday, 2 February 2021


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Folks, you have to be very careful with the way you drop your phone numbers on social media platforms. Your social media accounts can be hacked and used for fraud with your phone number. Your bank accounts and other personal information can also be accessed. Beware!!!


I am Chief Ugwokeh Nnaemeka, the Executive Chairman of Tectono Ventures Limited. Some weeks ago, I was on Facebook and I saw a fish farming training advert. The advertisers requested those interested to comment with their phone numbers to be included in the fish farming whatsapp group. Owing to my interest in fish farming, I fell for it. I dropped my line. Well, anyone who is interested in fish farming would have fallen for it because the advert was well packaged.


Today, February 2, 2021, I got calls from the fake fish farming trainers on these lines: 09133904218 and 09136405326. The caller told me that I indicated interest in their fish farming training advert on Facebook. I answered affirmatively and he said that he was about to add me to their training whatsapp group and zoom to enable me participate in the training. He added that a verification code had been sent to me via sms and I should call the numbers of the code for them to add me.


When he hung up, I checked my inbox and saw a code. From my experience in internet, I wondered why I should call out a code number to a stranger for him to add me to whatsapp and zoom. That was when it dawned on me that I was communicating with a scammer.


Within two minutes, the guy called again and told me to call the code numbers for him and I told him that the code had disappeared. He tried to persuade me to do it and I still maintained that it had disappeared. At that point in time, he started raining abuses on me and calling me bad market. I was just laughing.


Folks, imagine what would have happened if I had foolishly called out the verification code numbers sent to me to the fraudsters. They would have taken over company’s website, social media accounts and even accessed my personal and company’s bank accounts.


Beware of the way you post your phone number on social media platforms. If you get any call from a stranger who request for any personal information from you, just cut the call. 

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