Sunday, 7 February 2021


bitcoin chief in harvard

By Sammy Ajufo


Years back, this dude here popularly known as Bitcoin Chief in a bid to hit the market sensationally crafted a campaign on Social Media telling his would be clients that their pursuit for education was a waste. It gained a lot of reaction from gullible young people who felt a formal education was pointless and that they would rather drop out of school to "hustle" and make money.


Irrespective of the current educational system and it's rotten nature, he was wrong to add fuel to the flame by using his wide Platform and resources to encourage such even if as he intended to market. A lot of people are looking for a reason not to go the legal route to grow and actions or statements like that gives them the license.


I remember him because of the post I made in response, strongly opposing his claim and the insults he rained on me, even calling my wife (who he didn't know) a prostitute. Today, I stumbled on his photo on Instagram and it stunned me. A man who told his fellow Nigerians that University Education is a waste is pictured here at the revered Harvard Business School.

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