Wednesday, 3 June 2020


There have been innumerable grievances and complaints from different quarters by men either dating or married to nurses owing to their nature of profession. According to them, their nurse lovers do not have time for them and they give love and care they are supposed to give them to their patients. They always home drained and whacked unable to cook or even make love.

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Owing to this development, a certain Lagos-based orthopedic nurse identified as Onyinyechi has made a very passionate appeal to men out there dating or married to nurses for their understanding. She wrote:

I suspect it is hard to love a nurse. We get up early or we work all night. We come home late and are too tired to cook. We work extra because we know there are sick people who need us. We miss weekend events, holidays, birthdays. We don't get too excited over your minor "boo-boo". We have seen far worse. We don't want to talk when we come home. We have talked all day. We don't want to move when we come home. We have moved all day.

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It may seem that we have left all our patience, caring, our heart and our love at work, then have come home to you empty. We probably have. But we don't tell you that many times at work that we are mired by anxiety, we are scared. Scared we are missing something. Scared we will let our patient down or worse. Scared that we have to deal with angry or violent patients and families.

We don't tell you how the staffing crisis makes us cry on the way to work, to do a job we love, but now we are terrified to do because it is breaking us down while putting the most vulnerable at risk. I suspect it is hard to love a nurse, but know this: Your nurse needs your love. She needs your understanding. She needs to know that you "get it". She needs to be the one taken care of every once and a while. She needs someone else to take charge of the details because doing it herself constantly is exhausting. She needs her feet rubbed. She needs a shoulder to cry on when she can't even tell you why she's grieving. She needs you to do the hardest work you may ever do, which is to love a nurse.

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I would like to thank those of you out there who love us and let us do this work, this calling, this life: Nursing.

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