Thursday 3 August 2023


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An American top Bitcoin mining company, CleanSpark, has reported a remarkable rise in mining operations.
Obviously, the company is experiencing enormous breakthrough, with an upswing in Bitcoin holdings to 1,061 BTC.
This majestic growth is traceable to the company's decision to double its Bitcoin investments, which it always refer to as an essential tool for financial independence and inclusion.
This decision mirrors the company’s faith in the substantial momentum building across the Bitcoin ecosystem.
CleanSpark’s operational milestones are equally magnificent.
In July, the hashrate reached an all-time high of 9 EH/s, while the production rose by 17%.
Outstandingly, an addition of 2.3 EH/s to their capacity took less than a month.
For July, the company mined a whopping 575 Bitcoins, taking the 2023 total to 4,070.
These achievements highlights their significant contribution to Bitcoin infrastructure.
On top of these successes, the company's future looks bright.
With plans to nearly double its size to 16 EH/s, they aim to boost the hashrate and efficiency further.
This growth vision sets CleanSpark on a promising trajectory in the Bitcoin mining industry.

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