Monday 14 August 2023


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By Chief Ugwokeh Nnaemeka (+2348067876251)

Good morning, my enormously esteemed friends domiciled all over the world and happy Sunday!!! You are welcome to today's edition of Sunday Special with the Celebrity Businessman. Today, I am looking into what chaplet, otherwise known as rosary, means and what it does for users.
So, what is chaplet? Contrary to your expectations, I am not here today to condemn chaplet, but to explain what it really is. Excess of 95% of Africans who use it don't know what it is and what it is used for. It is believed by members of the Catholic church that chaplet is the second greatest prayer, after the holy mass.

Chaplet or rosary is an instrument of meditation through weakening the conscious mind and activating the subconscious mind. Note the words I used in this definition. I said 'an instrument of......', not 'the instructions of……' People who understand English very well will know what I mean. This definition implies that chaplet is not the only instruments of meditation.

How is chaplet an instrument of meditation? The conscious mind is not comfortable with monotony at all. Monotony weakens the conscious mind so that the subconscious mind will be active. Monotony is a continuous repetition of things like sound for a long time. Continuous repetition of "Our Father, who is at in heaven .........." and "Hail Mary, full of grace," crystallizes monotony. Yes, it is a monotonous sound. Reciting those prayers, weakens the conscious mind so that the subconscious mind, which is the spiritual mind, will be active for efficient and effective meditation.
However, it will not work if your mind is not focused on the prayer. There are some ladies who join the prayer and in the process, start thinking how they will approach and entice successful young men they have seen in the church. Some people ignorantly wear chaplet on their necks, thinking that it is a protector. It is not a talisman.
Like I mentioned above, chaplet is not the only instrument of meditation. Jazz music, which is highly monotonous, can achieve the same result. That's why if you are driving and playing jazz music, you will be arrested by the police for endangering your life and lives of people you are carrying. Jazz music makes drivers to sleep off by weakening their conscious minds. There are several other monotonous sounds capable of having the same effect.
Can't you see that people who use the chaplet don't know what it is and how it works? This is because leaders of the church choose to lie to their members, instead of being truthful. Members don't even ask fundamental question. Rather, they continue to believe whatever they are told. They are just following the church leaders foolishly and sheepishly.
Virtually all the narratives promulgated and propagated in the Catholic church are prevaricated. What are they always hiding? Why are they always afraid of saying the truth? The mysteries recited after reciting ten 'Hail Mary' are concocted stories picked from the bible.
So, I have been able to explain what chaplet is and what it does to users. So many people wake up in the morning and before they go out for the business of the day, they must pray with the chaplet. Well, if it is what you believe in, continue, but I would love to recommend a better morning prayer to you.
As a spiritual person, you should not lack a bottle of schnapps at home. If possible, always have kolanuts and alligator pepper.  When you wake up in the morning, fill a short glass cup with schnapps and pour libation, showing respect to the God of your fathers. Call your fathers and mothers in the land of the spirits for assistance in the course of your activities slated for the day.  Quote all the spiritual laws you know. Thereafter, have your bath, dress up and go out for the business of the day.
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