Thursday 31 August 2023


ugwokeh nnaemeka

By Chief Ugwokeh Nnaemeka

Good afternoon, great friends and welcome to the second segment of today's edition of Sunday Special with the Celebrity Businessman. I hope you are enjoying the Sunday? Nobody invited me for a drink today. Why?
On this segment, I am looking into how a certain lady wanted to make me to start attending the church she attends, using a testimony shared by a yahoo boy who attends the church.
Having lived in Lagos for the upwards of a decade and above, I have been able to mix with yoruba people and have understood them. In view of my experience, I can categorically assert that a greater percentage of yoruba people, both the rich and poor, have very low moral values.
I am not here to cast aspersions on yoruba people. Rather, I am saying the obvious fact. Note that I mentioned "a greater percentage of them," not "all of them." There could be other tribes that are worse than them in the ramification of morality. I am sharing the one I have experienced. So, you can share your own experiences with other tribes.
I have seen yoruba parents taking their teenage sons to where they would learn how to do yahoo yahoo and be bringing money home. So, in yoruba land, the society doesn't frown at cybercrime. Rather, it is seen as a legitimate hustle. I weep for Nigeria.
I have seen yoruba parents giving out their daughters in marriages to notorious armed robbers, just because they (the robbers) spend enormously on them (the parents). So, one begins to wonder what the country is turning into.
When I was still domiciled in Yaba, there was a big shop where I used to buy in bulk things my family used at the first week of every month. I used to buy thing like soaps, toilet tissues, detergent, etc in rolls at wholesale prices. In order words, I was a once-in-a-month big customer. The owner of the shop knew me and my family members well.

On a certain Saturday evening that the football club I support, Chelsea Football Club , lost to Arsenal in a Premier League match, I decided to buy things for the month in that shop. I got into the shop and saw the owner's daughter putting on a white garment. Obviously, she came to the shop directly from a church program.
"Daddy Junior, good evening sir. You are welcome," she greeted with an inviting smiling face. As at that time, she was either in her late twenties or early thirties. She had four children with four different men without marrying any of them. I asked her if she was a member of Cherubim and Seraphim.
"No, I am in Cele," she replied. Cele implies Celestial Church of Christ which is also a white garment church. It was founded by a certain yoruba spiritualist. The two white garment churches I mentioned are application of Christianity into yoruba traditional religion, garnished with a small touch of masonic and Rosicrucian applications.
After making payment for the items I ordered for, this babe started a soul-winning campaign.
"My church is known for blessing educated men like you in a big way," she started.
“Nobody has ever joined our church and regretted it. Once you start, our prophet, who is a very powerful man of God, will pray for you and in the process, he will give you a prayer to make. After making the prayer, your life will turn around for good. As you continue to attend the services, God will continue to bless you.
"There is a young man who is presently spending days and nights in the church, fasting and making prayers given to him by the prophet. He is a yahoo boy who became very bro*ke because his clients stopped answering him. He is still on the 15th day of the 21-day prayer and some clients have already started answering him. So, I am inviting you to attend the service tomorrow and I will make sure that the prophet attends to you," she concluded.
She brought out a flyer which I refused to touch. The address I saw on the flyer was Makoko.  It was a case of adding salt to injury. I was annoyed because of Chelsea's loss and that akwuna came with her own mess, just because I was her mum's customer. The magnitude of annoyance in my heart was gargantuan.
So, she looked at me from the head to the toes and I looked someone capable of visiting that slump called Makoko. So, with my level of education, wealth of experience and exposure, that onye iberibe saw me as someone that could be in the midst of peasant criminals and dirty pigs.
Ab initio, I wanted to start slapping and tongue-lashing her, but I controlled myself, in view of how the neighborhood would view me after venting spleen on a hook-up hustler. Some people may thing that I was one of her numerous customers. That was how I stopped buying anything from her mum.
Friends, you can imagine what the churches are turning into. Imagine a prophet praying for criminals to succeed in their crimes and criminalities.
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